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1.above all (1)首先:Above all was the sense of hearing. 首先是听的感觉。 (2)最重要的是:But above all things: I am basketball. 但最重要的是,我为篮球而生。 (3)尤其:My mother likes fruit and, above all, apples我母亲喜欢吃水果,尤其是苹果。

2.account for (1)解释,说明:Jack could not account for his foolish mistake. 杰克无法解释自己的愚蠢错误。 (2)导致,引起,起因于:The flood accounted for the bad crop. 水灾导致歉收。 (3)对(或为)…负责:You will have to account for the disappearance of the money. 你要对丢失了钱负责。 (4)共计达;(在数量、比例上)占:It accounts for 15 per cent of all air accidents. 它占所有空难的15%。

3.after all (1)终究:After all, paper can not hold fire. 纸终究是包不住火的。 (2)毕竟:Culture, after all, is its own reward. 毕竟,文化本身就是一种回馈。

4.air /plane crash/accident 空难 car crash=car accident 车祸

5.be allergic to 对……过敏;( allergic adj 对……过敏的;对……极讨厌的) I’m allergic to beef and mutton.我对牛肉和羊肉过敏

6.appeal to (1)吸引:This book doesn’t appeal to children.这本书对孩子们没吸引力。 (2)呼吁:We appeal to the public to protect our wild animals.我们呼吁大众来保护我们的野生动物。 (3)上诉:He have appeal to the supreme court. 他向最高法院上诉。(supreme adj.最高的;至高的;最重要的;n.至高,霸权) (4)要求:The teacher listened to his appeal.老师倾听了他的要求。

7.apply to (1)适用于:The rules of safe driving apply to everyone.安全驾驶条例适用于每个人。 (2)应用于:We should apply the theory to practice. 我们应该把这一理论应用于实践。 apply for:申请,请求 I want to apply for Beijing University. 我想报考北京大学。 application letter 求职信

8.at ease:安逸,自由自在;舒适 I feel at ease with my friend.我和朋友们在一起感到自在。

9.back up (1)支持;援助:John is expecting us to back him up at the next meeting. (2)备份:To back up files is tedious work.把文档备份是一项枯燥无味的工作。 (3)倒退:Please back up your car a bit to let pedestrians pass.请你把车倒退一点,好让行人通过。 Pedestrian adj.徒步的;缺乏想象力的;n.行人,步行者;

10.beat the crowd:避开人群,避开高峰

11.be aware of:意识到

12.behind the schedule:落后于预定计划;(公交车)晚点;慢点

13.in charge of (1)负…的责任= be responsible for; (2)在…的控制(或管理,监督,看管)之下; (3)受…的保护; (4)照顾;The children were left in charge of the nurse.孩子们留下来由保姆照顾。

14.be in the charge of 有…负责(被动) sth in the charge of sb 某事由某人负责

15.be in season:应时的;当令的 Fruit is cheapest in season. 水果在当令时最便宜。

16.be supposed to do 应该;被期望

17.book up 预定(票,车位,舱位等);全部预定完 The plane is booked up to its full capacity.该航班的机票已被预订一空。

18.bring up:教育;培养;抚养;提出;呕吐

19.build up (1)积累:build up a fund 积累基金 (2)增强(体质):The weightlifting built up his body. 举重增强了他的体质。 (3)树立:She built up my confidence. 她树立了我的信心。 (4)盖房子:The area has been built up since I moved.自我搬家以来这个地区就不断地盖起了新房。

20.meet …by chance=run into=come across:偶然碰到

21.by no means:绝不 ,一点也不,根本不 = anything but

22.check in(在旅馆、机场、大会等处)办理登记手续;记录;报到 check out 检验;结帐离开;通过考核;盖章

23.come up 走近;发生;开始;上升;发芽;被提出

24.come up with(针对问题,挑战等)提出,提议;想出;赶上

25.concentrate on/focus on 集中

26.deal with /cope with 处理

27.drop in on sb/ drop in at sp:拜访某人/某地

28.drop out of:退出;辍学

29.eat one’s words 食言;承认错误;收回前言 = swallow one’s words

30.fall short of (1)没有达到,低于:The performance fell far short of our expectations. 演出远远低于我们的期望。 (2)缺少:They fell short of provision. 他们缺少供给。

31.figure out : 解决;算出;估计;想出;理解;断定 Father is trying to figure out his ta. x父亲在设法计算出他的税额。 I can’t figure out what he’s trying to say. 我弄不懂他想说什么。

32.find out 找出,查明;发现,揭发;计算出

33.fit /meet/satisfy one’s need:满足某人需要

34.for ages=for a long time 很久;很长时间

35.get along with:取得进展;与…和睦相处;

36.get around;到处走走;逃避;说服;传开来(等于get round);有办法应付

37.be/get used to(doing sth)=be/getaccustomed to(doing sth)习惯于 ;使适应

38.use to do:过去常常

39.Go Dutch(各自付账)/ split the bill(平均分担费用)/ fifty-fifty(对半的,平均的,平分为二的)/ separate the bill(分开账单)

40.go sightseeing去观光

41.go on a diet=keep on a diet 节食,减肥

42.have a hard/difficult time with sth. 在某事方面感到费劲

43.have a temperature/fever发烧

44.have the final say:有决定权

45.hold up (1)拦劫,抢劫:The bank was held up last night.昨天夜里有人抢劫了这家银行。 (2)延续;持续;维持:The rain held up and there’s no sign to clear up.雨依然在下,而且没有放晴的迹象。 (3)延期,推迟(后与 on 连用):He held up on the plan of visiting Europe. 他推迟了访问欧洲的计划。 (4)使遭受,使蒙受;成为…的目标:He’s held up humiliation by a momentary slip. 他因一念之差而蒙受屈辱。 He has now been held up to be pursued killing. 他现在已成了追杀的目标。 (5)举起,抬起;使升高:She held up her arm and wiped her tears off. 她抬起手擦去了眼角的泪。 (6)支撑,承受住;承担:This old tree is held up by a post. 这棵老树用一根柱子支撑着。

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