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As the competition in the job market gets more and more intense for collegegraduates, some ambitious students have tried their hands at launching their own business. Over the years, there have been many successful cases of student entrepreneurship and such attempts should be encouraged by both the universities and the society at large. However, not all college graduates are suitable for under taking entrepreneurial projects. To launch his own business, one needs to have a sound business idea, a viable business plan, the charisma tolead a team where members make concerted efforts for a common objective, aswell as mature managerial skills.




As the informationtechnology begins to play a essential role, more and more companies chose this kindof commercial model which has become a trend nowadays. The e-commerce has a lotof advantages on reducing the cost, and one is that the advertisement is more cheaper and easier on the internet, what is more, the information can be exchangedquickly, and staff can deal with their works in an efficient way. Although it is a challenge for physical shops to retain customers in the face ofe-commerce, industry experts said interaction and integration between onlineand offline vendors are vital to sustain consumption.




For promoting equity in education, China has invested 36 billion yuan for the improvement of educational facilities in rural areas and strengthening of rural compulsory education Midwest. These funds were used to improve the teaching facilities, purchase of books, so that more than 160,000 primary and secondary income. Funds are also used to purchase music and painting equipment. Now children in rural and mountainous areas with children’s coastal cities like music and painting lessons. Some receive a better education for the city school students now transferred back to the local rural schools now.


在中国,尊老爱幼是中华民族的优秀传统。早在汉朝时期(the Han Dynasty), 政府就曾多次颁布法令,提倡并奖励孝敬老人的行为。中国人以爱、教育、友善和严格的方式对待子孙后代,体现了强烈的道德责任感。尊老爱幼的传统在现代社会得以发扬光大。现在,中国的老人和儿童都有法定的假期—老人节(Elders’Day)和儿童节。除此之外,政府还颁布特定的法律保护妇女儿童,法律也明确规定中国公民有义务赡养父母、抚养子女。


It is a fine tradition in China to respect the old and love the young.As early as the Han Dynasty, the government issued laws many times to advocate and reward behavior relating to treating the old with respect. The Chinese people treat their offspring with love and education, with kindness and strictness, embodying a strong sense of moral responsibility. The tradition of respecting the old and taking care of the young has been carried forward in modern times.At present, the old and the young in China have their own legal holidays—Elders’ Day and Children’s Day.Besides, the government has issued specific laws to protect women and children; and some laws also stipulate in explicit terms that Chinese citizens have obligations to take care of parents and raise children.


自驾游属于自助旅游的一种,是近年来我国新兴的旅游方式。自驾游在选择目的地、参与程序和体验自由等方面给旅游者提供了伸缩自如的空间,与传统的参团旅游相比具有本身的特点和魅力。随着自驾车旅游者的增多,自驾游市场已具规模,越来越多的旅行社、汽车 俱乐部、汽车租赁公司看好并涉足这一市场的开发。


Self-driving tour, a sort of self-help travel, is anemerging mode of travel in China in recent years. It provides travelers with great flexibility inselecting destinations, participating procedures andexperiencing freedom, which endow it with differentiating characteristics and charms fromthe traditional group tour. As the self-driving tourists increase, the self-driving tour markethas begun to take shape; more and more travel agencies, car clubs and car rentals areoptimistic about it and engage in market development.


中国正在取代传统的欧美国家成为奢侈品消费(luxurygoods consumption)的主力军,各类国际奢侈品牌也越发重视中国市场的地位。中国人在境外的奢侈品消费已连年位居世界第一。国外的奢侈品商店成为中国出境游旅客的必经之地,似乎不带几件奢侈品就不算真正出过国。长期以来,国际奢侈品品牌在国内的价格远高于国外,这就使得有奢侈品消费需求的中国人转向国外市场购买。各种税务,以及流通费用和经销费用的叠加是导致最终售价居高不下的主要原因。


China is gradually replacing the traditional European and American countries to become the main force of luxury goodsconsumption. The international luxury brands have also paid more attention toChinese market. Chinese people have spent the most on luxury goods overseas forseveral successive years. Various luxury stores in the United States and Europehave become must-visit places for Chinese tourists travelling overseas, and itseems that one has not truly been abroad until he or she buys several luxurygoods. The international luxury brands have long set much higher prices fortheir products in China than in many other countries, forcing Chinese luxuryconsumers to turn their eyes to foreign markets. The accumulation of taxes,distribution costs and marketing costs are the main reasons pushing up thefinal sales prices.




As young people leave home for college or to starttheir careers, their parents are left to live on their own. These are sometimescalled ‘empty-nest’ families. In big and middle-sized cities, empty-nestfamilies account for 20 to 30 percent, and in small towns, the percentage is ashigh as 40 percent. The change in family structure, improvement in living conditions and a lack of nursing homes all contribute to the rise in number ofempty nesters. Empty nest parents often face new challenges, such asestablishing a new kind of relationship with their children, finding other waysto occupy their free time, reconnecting with each other, and a lack of sympathy from other people.




Cell phones are an intergral part of our life today.The covenience of this little gadget is what makes it the world’s fastest growing technological device,going from a luxury in the 1980s to a must-have in the 21st century.But we have become dependent on them to the point that we feel that we can not live without them.We get so addicted to texting,calling and communicating with those who are far away that we neglect the ones who are right in front of us.Many teens and young adults grow distant from those who love them because they are consumed with creating and maintaining cyber friendships.




The growth of the hardware industry in China is a worldwide success story recognized throughout world. With annual growth in PC sales of 40% over the past five years,China is a bright star of the Asian region and even around the world.While the software industry in China has also grown over the past five years,it has not seen the level of grawth one would expect when given the number of PCs in use.Software revenue per PC,one measure of the health of the software industry in a market,is particularly low in China compared to other countries in the region.




Air pollution is a severe environmental problem that China is confronted with currently.Since 2012,smog hangs heavy over cities like Beijing,Shanghai,Chongqing and Hong Kong.During the last few months in 2013,the easter part of China was also hit by the heavy smog with a dropped visibility of less than 100 meters in some regions,where air pollution reached hazardous levels.Smog has great impact on people’s health and the local economy. Of particular concern is PM2.5.The root cause of the smog is the acceleration of the industrialization,while the accompanied extreme low temperature and regional pollution also contibute to the worse pollution.

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