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Developed by Japanese company Hit-Point, Tabikaeru was included as a free download in the Apple store on Dec 6 and became an internet hit after being introduced to China in early January. The game is available for iOS and Android systems, but the Apple store only offers a Japanese version while Android has Chinese and Japanese. 《旅行青蛙》由日本游戏公司Hit-Point开发,12月6日在苹果商店上架,免费开放下载,1月初进入中国后在网络上迅速蹿红。这款游戏适用于iOS和安卓系统,但苹果商店仅可下载日文版,而安卓商店则有中文版和日文版。

Tabikaeru is mostly a game about waiting on animals. You play house-sitter and friend to a little frog that likes to go on trips around Japan. You’ll pack his backpack with a bento box lunch, a lucky charm, and some travel gear, then send him off. While he’s gone, you can harvest clovers in his garden (which you can trade for more travel gear and food) and greet guests that come to visit. The items you send with him determine where he goes, what pictures he sends back for your album, and what souvenirs he brings with him. There’s a gallery of collectible souvenirs to fill, as well as food presents you can offer to guests who show up at the house. 《旅行青蛙》是一个等待“蛙”归的游戏。小青蛙喜欢周游日本,而你的角色就是他的管家兼朋友。你会在他的背包里装上便当盒、幸运符和一些旅行装备,然后送蛙远行。当他出门时,你可以收割花园里的幸运草(你可以用幸运草交换更多旅行装备和食物),并招呼来家里做客的客人。你为小青蛙打包的行李决定了他会去哪里、给你传回什么照片、带什么土特产回来。陈列室存放着旅行纪念品,以及你可以用来款待客人的食物。


Travel Frog will be gone for a long, long time for a mobile game, though. Sometimes, he’ll be gone for six or seven hours at a time, so just be patient. He’ll always come back. If for some reason you think he left without food in his backpack, then you’ll need to lure him back by placing food on his desk. 对于一款手机游戏来说,小青蛙消失的时间很长,有时他一出去就是六七个小时,所以你要保持耐心。他总是会回来的。如果出于某些原因,你发现他的背包里没有食物了,那么你需要把食物放在桌上,吸引他回家。










Many people have praised the game for its slow pace, saying it taps the trend among younger generations in China to search out “Zenlike” activities. 很多人都为游戏的慢节奏叫好,称这顺应了国内年轻人追求“佛系”人生的趋势。

“Everything is unexpected in life, just like the game. Whenever I launch the game, I don’t know whether the frog is at home, reading, eating or writing letters,” Yuan Linghuan, a postgraduate student at Tongji University in Shanghai, said. “生活和游戏一样,一切都是未知的。当我打开游戏时,我不知道我的‘蛙儿子’是否在家,是在读书、吃饭还是写信,”上海同济大学研究生袁玲欢(音译)说道。

The 25-year-old said the design of the game is cute, while it requires no skills in fighting, which is good for female players. 25岁的袁玲欢称,这款游戏的设计很可爱,又不需要对战技巧,这对女玩家很友好。

“It’s not a game that you will get obsessed with, as there is no ranking list among players,” Yuan added. “All you have to do is to open the app to see if your frog is at home or on its journey, and it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money buying gear to equip the frog for his travels, which differs from other role-playing games.” 袁玲欢还称:“这个游戏不会让你沉迷其中,因为没有玩家排名,你所要做的就是打开程序,看看你的‘蛙儿子’在家还是在旅行,也不需要花很多钱为他买旅行装备,这点和那些角色扮演类游戏不同。”

“I feel like I’m the mother of the frog in the game. It’s really interesting for a single girl like me, and raising the frog is a way of relieving stress,” she said. “我觉得我就是青蛙的妈妈,对于我这样的单身女孩来说,这真的很有趣,养蛙是缓解压力的一种方式。”


  1. Though it is a waiting game as Neko Atsume, what you do is the preps for his trips/packing, with food, travel gears and good luck charms. 这是款需要耐心等待的游戏,你要做的就是给你家蛙准备好旅行的食物、装备以及护身符。

  2. The currency is clovers which grow in his yard. 游戏中的货币是三叶草,长在你们家院子里。


  1. He travels to many famous vacation sites in Japan and sends cute pics from there or somewhere on the road in between. 小蛙会去日本很多著名景点旅行,还会发可爱的照片给你,有景点照,也有路上拍的。

  2. He brings back some local specialties, including food items and non-food items, as souvenirs and you try to complete them. However, there is no souvenirs if you get him only cheap food, besides the first trip. 他旅行回来还会带纪念品或土特产哦。不过除了第一次旅行,如果你只给他买便宜的食物和装备的话,他们就不会带东西回家。

  3. There are visitors like a snail, a bee and a turtle at his door. Each time they visit, there is a flyer in the mail box, and you get a lottery ticket if you view it by tapping on it. Make sure you have an internet connection before you tap, and it will ask you if you like to view the advertisement or not. Then you tap “はい” which is yes. 你家门口隔三差五会有小蜗牛、小蜜蜂、小乌龟到访。它们每次来的时候,你的信箱就会有提示。点击查看你就能收到彩票。打开信箱前一定确保连好了网络,系统会问你是否查看,点击是的("はい" )。

  4. Tap on a visitor, the food souvenirs box opens, which you get from the frog, then you choose the food to treat the visitor with. In return, the visitor sends lots of regular clovers or one four leaf clover later. 家里有客人来访的时候,你需要把小蛙带回来的好吃的拿出来,招待客人~ 作为回报,客人会给你大把三叶草或者是一个四叶草。(就是赏金嘛,留着给蛙买装备吧)

  5. Time to time, the frog gets the new titles as a traveler, like a care-free wanderer. You can see them by tapping on him, but they are in Japanese. It seems that those titles have some effects on the development of the game. 时不时的,小蛙也会获得各种旅行头衔,比如“无忧无虑的漫游者”之类的。点击小蛙就能看到(虽然是日语),但不同的头衔貌似对游戏进程也有影响哦。


  1. Eventually you start seeing his traveling buddies, a red crab, a mouse & a butterfly, in his photos. They are absolutely adorable! 再往后玩你会看到蛙蛙旅途中的伙伴,小螃蟹、小老鼠、小蝴蝶……真的超可爱!

  2. You get lottery tickets from visitors and the frog, usually when he returns. With five of them, you can play it. Go to the shopping page, then tap on the icon on the top right corner to go to the lottery page. Tap まわす to play only if you have five or more tickets. If you get a white ball, that means you lost. 小蛙回家的时候或者有访客来访时,你还能得到小彩票,集齐五张还可以抽奖哦。在购物页面点击右上角图标,再点击“まわす”就可以玩了。白球就是啥也没中。

  3. You can see the list of goods you can win by tapping 景品一覧. With a yellow ball, you have choice of train tickets with four different directions. With a red ball, you have choice of Konpeito-candies with four different flavors. With a green ball, you have choice of Tamago-boro snacks with five different flavors. With a blue ball, you have choice of good luck charms with five different colors, which are from Shinto shrines, and I assume they are much more powerful than Four leaf clovers. All these can influence his choice of the destinations. 点击“景品一覧”就可以买到很多东西。黄色的球是四个不同目的地的车票。红球是四种不同口味的糖果。绿球是五种不同口味的零食。蓝球是五种不同颜色的护身符,都是来自神社的祈福。我觉得比四叶草更强大哦。所有的这些选择都会影响小蛙以后的旅行经历哟。


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