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Klinsmann’s castle 克林斯曼的去留 (译者按:“castle”一词乍一看是“城堡”的意思,但似乎与全文主旨并无多大关系。所以,需要注意“castle”另一个意思,那就是指国际象棋中的“车”,它可以顺着平行于棋盘边的路随便走多少方格,假如没有其它棋子阻挡的话,也可译为“rook”。而文章的中心思想恰好就是“改革遭遇阻力的克林斯曼何去何从”。另外,注意中国象棋中的“车”为“chariot”。)

EVERY time Germany wins football’s World Cup, some pundits[1] assert, the country takes a turn for the better. Thus 1954 saw the start of the economic miracle, 1974 the birth of modern Germany and 1990 unification. The causality seems implausible, although some economists are talking up the 2006 t________①, which starts this weekend, and is being staged (like 1974’s) in Germany. (1)A clearer link exists between the country and its football association (DFB), since they display similar strengths and weaknesses. 权威人士断言,每逢德国赢得世界杯足球赛冠军,这个国家的状况就会好转,例如,1954年开始的经济奇迹,1974年现代化德国的诞生以及1990年实现统一。某些经济学家现在正大肆宣扬本周末将在德国举行(与1974年一样)的2006年世界杯(译者按:talk up意为“to make something appear more important, interesting, successful etc than it really is”,即“大加吹捧,大肆宣扬”),但这里面的因果联系看似并不可信,倒是该国与其足协(DFB)之间存在一种较为明显的联系,因为它们有着相似的优缺点。

The DFB, with 6.3m members, acts like a state within a state. In common with other German sports organisations, it has its own rules and enforcement methods.(2) Even more than the political system, it is built for stability, not speed. It has its own parliament, which meets every three years and is made up of delegates from 21 regions. Its presidents’ average age and tenure in office almost match those of popes. 德国足协拥有6300万会员,其职能相当于“国中之国”。同德国其它体育组织一样,它有自己的规定和执行办法。相比政治体系,建立该组织的目的更多地是为了保持稳定,而不是寻求快速发展。它拥有自己的议会,由21个地区的代表组成,每三年开一次会。历届足协主席的平均年龄和任期堪比罗马教皇。

Predictably, change comes slowly to the DFB. It was not until 1970 that it a________② an official women’s league. Only in 2001 did the DFB allow the top clubs to create their own subordinate governing body. Were it not for the World Cup, especially the staging of the final in the stadium originally built for the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, the DFB would still not have officially admitted its questionable activities during the Third Reich1. 足协的改变姗姗来迟,这并不意外。直到1970年它才批准正式举办女子足球联赛,而直到2001年才允许顶尖俱乐部设立各自的下属管理机构。若非因为世界杯,特别是决赛将在1936年奥运会时修建的柏林体育场举行,德国足协可能仍然不会正式认可纳粹德国时期在该体育场举办的“问题赛事”。

Yet until recently the DFB was highly successful.(3) Because it saw market forces as incompatible with amateur sport, the DFB started a single professional league, the Bundesliga, only in 1963. This gave birth to the most modern league of the time, which may be why Germany was so good at football, says Thomas Kupfer, who has written a book on football management. 然而也只是在最近一段时间,足协的变革才大获成功。眼见市场力量与业余体育运动相冲突,德国足协遂于1963年发起了一项职业联赛,即德国足球甲级联赛(Bundesliga,德语“联邦联赛”),一时成为最有现代水准的联赛。曾写过一本足球管理著作的托马斯·库弗尔说,德国足球水平之所以高可能就因为职业联赛的举行。

(4)It was only a matter of time before stability turned into disadvantage. In 1990 the national coach, Franz Beckenbauer, promised that “working together with the eastern Germans, we will be i________③ for years.” But the DFB failed to make top clubs professional enough or to foster modern training methods. Nor was young talent encouraged and brought on. German football, like the economy, began to decline, which became obvious when the team was thrashed[2] by England in 2001. Three years later, it took a drubbing[3] at the 2004 European championships. 过于求稳而导致自己处于不利地位,这是迟早的事。1990年,国家队主教练弗朗茨·贝肯鲍尔保证说,“团结东德人民,我们将所向披靡”。可是,德国足协未能进一步推动顶尖俱乐部的职业化,也没有创造先进的训练方法,对优秀青年球员的培养和扶持也不够。于是,德国的足球水平跟它的经济一样开始走下坡路,到2001年国家队惨败英格兰队后表现尤为明显。三年后,它在2004年欧洲杯上再次铩羽而归。

Enter Jürgen Klinsmann, a former star footballer, hired as national coach mainly because of a lack of alternatives—just as Angela Merkel became boss of the Christian Democrats2 in 2000. Mr Klinsmann planned not only to win the World Cup, but also to reform the entire DFB. (5)Always a maverick, he capped his career as a player by moving to California to start a sports consulting business. 再说说尤尔根·克林斯曼,他曾是一位足球明星,能担任国家队主教练主要是因为没有别的合适人选——恰逢安吉拉·默克刚刚在2000年成为基督教社会主义民主党的领导人。克林斯曼不但计划夺取世界杯,还打算对整个德国足协进行改革。独树一帜的他在职业生涯结束后前往加利福尼亚,成功创办了一家体育运动咨询公司。(译者按:maverick是指“an unusual person who has different ideas and ways of behaving from other people, and is often very successful”,即“观点和行为脱俗且往往获得成功的人”。“to cap…by something”指“to have something very good or very bad at the end of an event”,也就是“给……画上圆满的句号”。)

He has indeed proved a reformer. He has centralised power so that he can prepare his team properly. He has decreed a more offensive strategy, and tried out many younger players. He has h_______④ trainers versed[4] in modern methods, including an American fitness guru[5]. He is fond of management fads, communicating by e-mail and using motivational training. (6)Despite (or perhaps because of) this, Mr Klinsmann has been vilified—not least for continuing to live in California. The DFB’s board has rejected his candidate as chief talent scout, even though this job is central to his plans. 事实证明,他的确是一名改革家。他要求大权独揽,以便于对国家队进行全面调教。他制定了攻击性更强的战术,并且选拔了许多年轻球员。他雇请了包括一名美国体能教练在内的许多深谙现代足球规律的教练员。管理上,他追逐时尚,比如用电子邮件进行联络、采用走训制。尽管(也许正因为)如此,克林斯曼还是遭到了非议——很重要的一个原因是他仍居住在加利福尼亚。(译者按:“not least”这里是用来强调“某事十分重要”,not least for就是指“相当重要的原因是……”。)足协董事会已经拒绝他竞选“首席选秀官”,即便这一工作是其计划的重中之重。(译者按:talent scout意为“人才发掘者”,也就是常说的“选秀”。be central to表示“more important and having more influence than anything else”,即“对……很重要,有较大影响”,注意介词“to”,不是“for”。)

____________________________________________.(世界杯后克林斯曼会继续留任 [stick around] 吗?舆论认为,这要看德国队在世界杯上表现如何。)But he may also wonder if the DFB can ever change. Even were Germany to win, which looks unlikely, Mr Klinsmann might prefer to go back to California. That would make it hard to tout[6] any victory as a harbinger[7] of further reform, not just of Germany’s football association, but of the country as a whole. 世界杯后克林斯曼会继续留任吗?舆论认为,这要看德国队在世界杯上表现如何。(译者按:“stick around”是指“to stay in a place a little longer, waiting for something to happen”,意为“逗留,继续等待”。conventional wisdom指“the opinion that most people consider to be normal and right, but that is sometimes shown to be wrong”,即“大多数认为合理正确、有时候也可能被证明是错误的意见”。)不过,他也许反而对德国足协能否有所改变感到彷徨。德国队就算是胜利了——这看上去不太可能,克林斯曼可能仍然宁愿重返加利福尼亚。这样一来,无论对于德国足协,还是对于整个德国,要想借助吹捧胜利来推动进一步改革就很难了。 [QUIZ]

  1. 根据首字母以及括号内的词性提示和英文释义填入单词(注意复数、时态形式变化等): ①t________(n. a competition in which players compete against each other in a series of games until there is one winner) ②a________(vt. to officially accept a plan, proposal etc) ③i________(adj. too strong to be destroyed or defeated) ④h________(vt. to employ someone for a short time to do a particular job)
  2. 英译汉(将划线部分英文翻译成中文): 3.汉译英(根据译文提示和上下文,在空白处填入相应英文):


  1. pundit n. someone who is often asked to give their opinion publicly of a situation or subject提出意见者;评论家;专家
  2. thrash vt. to defeat someone very easily in a game轻易击败 如:Brazil thrashed Italy 5-0.巴西以5:0轻取意大利。
  3. drubbing n. an occasion when one team easily beats another team in sport:痛宰,彻底击败
  4. versed adj. be (well) versed in something to know a lot about a subject, method etc精通
  5. guru n. someone who knows a lot about a particular subject, and gives advice to other people博学的指导者
  6. tout vt. to praise something or someone in order to persuade people that they are important or worth a lot吹捧(be touted as something)
  7. harbinger n. a sign that something is going to happen soon先兆,预兆 [TIPS & BACKGROUND]
  8. 第三帝国(the Third Reich):在德国1000多年的历史上曾经历过三个帝国,这期间也有一个共和国。德国历史上的第一帝国是指公元962-1806年的神圣罗马帝国。1806年,帝国被拿破仑一世推翻。第二帝国是指1871年-1918年的德意志帝国,它是普鲁士通过三次王朝战争统一起来的。1870年在普法战争中,普鲁士击败法国,1871年1月18日普鲁士国王威廉一世在法国凡尔赛宫加冕为德意志皇帝。1914年开始的第一次世界大战以德国的失败和第二帝国的瓦解而告终。战争也导致德国第一次建立了联邦共和国。由于共和国宪法是在魏玛城召开的国民议会上通过的,一般称之为《魏玛宪法》,因此这个共和国又称为魏玛共和国。1933年1月30日,以希特勒为首的德国国家社会主义工人党(即纳粹党)上台执政,建立了法西斯独裁统治,宣告了魏玛共和国的终结。 第三帝国是指1933-1945年的法西斯德国,希特勒自称第三帝国。于1939年9月1日发动了第二次世界大战。1945年5月8日,德国在投降书上签字,第三帝国宣告完结。德国为美、英、法、苏四国分区占领。 2.基督教民主党或基督教民主联盟(the Christian Democrats):德国实行多党制,主要的政党有:◆德国社会民主党(Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands),简称社民党;联盟90/绿党(Buendnis 90/Die Gruenen); 基督教民主联盟(Christlich-Demokratische Union Deutschlands),简称基民盟,最大的政党;基督教社会联盟(Christlich-Soziale Union in Bayern e.V.),简称基社盟;自由民主党(Freie Demokratische Partei),简称自民党;民主社会主义党(Partei des Demokratischen Sozialismus),简称民社党;德国的共产党(Deutsche Kommunistische Partei);共和党(Die Republikaner)。 3.1936年柏林奥运会: [KEY TO QUIZ]
  9. ①tournament 锦标赛,杯赛;②approved 批准;③invincible 不可战胜的;④hired 雇用;⑤deadlines 截止时间,最终期限;⑥strength 优点 ) 2.(见译文,仅供参考,欢迎指正) 3.Will Mr Klinsmann stick around after the World Cup? Conventional wisdom says that the answer depends on how well Germany does.

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