【阅读】穿鞋不穿袜 会得“香港脚”
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The trend of wearing shoes without socks is leading to a rise in cases of problems such as athlete’s foot, the College of Podiatry has warned. 英国足病学院警告说,时下穿鞋不穿袜的风气导致了“香港脚”等足病的增多。

注:athlete’s foot就是足癣,俗名“香港脚”、脚气,是由致病性真菌引起的足部皮肤病,具有传染性。临床表现为脚趾间起水疱、脱皮或皮肤发白湿软,也可出现糜烂或皮肤增厚、粗糙、开裂,并可蔓延至足跖及边缘,剧痒。可伴局部化脓、红肿、疼痛。由于用手抓痒处,常传染至手而发生手癣(鹅掌风)。真菌在指(趾)甲上生长,则成甲癣(灰指甲)。

The "bare ankle” look has filtered down from the catwalk to the most avid followers of fashion, with designers of menswear showcasing their formal attire with sockless models in suits. 男装设计师让模特们身着正装,却不穿袜子。这一“裸踝”之风从T台上刮到了台下,受到了时髦达人的追捧。

Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have experimented with the style, including Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling, Orlando Bloom and Jude Law - and online guides on how to go “sockless with style” are littered with advice on how to adopt the look, with helpful pointers such as only doing it with slim tailored trousers. 包括布莱德利•库珀、瑞恩•高斯林、奥兰多•布鲁姆和裘德•洛在内的一些好莱坞大牌明星,纷纷尝试“裸踝”风格。网上的“无袜时尚”指南也给出了各种搭配建议,比如,只能搭配铅笔裤。

Yet beyond the inevitable concern of suffering from smelly shoes brought about by a lack of cotton, it appears men are failing to realise some of the more serious repercussions and are seeking out help from podiatrists and chiropodists. 不穿棉袜不可避免地会带来脚臭的困扰,然而,除此之外,男士们似乎没有意识到不穿袜子导致的一些更严重的后果,还浑然不知地跑去看足科医生。

“As a whole, we are seeing more and more men coming to us with issues caused by poorly fitting footwear, and not just ones choosing to go sockless,” said podiatrist Emma Stevenson, from the College of Podiatry. 英国足病学院的足科医生艾玛•史蒂芬森说:“总体而言,越来越多的男性前来足科就诊,不光是因为不穿袜子,还有很多人的足病是因为鞋子不合脚导致的。”

Because the phenomenon is still in its early stages, the college is yet to carry out any formal studies to shed light on the number of people affected - but is keen to make sure people are aware of the health problems that might arise. 由于这一现象才初露端倪,该学院还需开展正式研究,以确定因此而受影响的人群数量,但是足病学院认为人们非常有必要对这一潜在的健康问题加以重视。

Feet, for example, typically produce half a pint of sweat a day and any moisture, if not soaked up by socks, is maintained in synthetic and non-breathable material - leaving people open to fungal infections. 举例来说,一双脚每天要产生半品脱的汗水,如果这些汗没有被袜子吸收,就会留在不透气的人工合成面料里,让人们暴露在真菌感染的风险之中。

品脱(pint)是一个容量单位,主要在英国、美国及爱尔兰使用。1品脱在英国和美国代表的是不同的容量,此处为英制品脱,1 英制品脱=568.26125毫升。

One way Mrs Stevenson recommends solving this issue is by placing dry tea bags in shoes overnight to absorb any leftover sweat, while also suggesting men spray their feet with underarm antiperspirant. 史蒂芬森女士建议,解决这个问题的方法之一是将干茶叶袋放在鞋中一整夜,以吸收前一天渗入鞋中的汗水。同时她也建议男士们往脚上喷腋下止汗剂。

She said: “Depending on the level of sweatiness of the foot, there may be issues with too much moisture in the feet, which can leave you vulnerable to fungal infections such as athlete’s foot. 她说:“脚的湿度是否过大取决于脚汗的多少,而湿度过大容易引发真菌感染和香港脚等足病。”

“On average your feet will sweat half a pint a day; that’s a lot to be pouring out straight into your shoe without it being absorbed by a sock. “人的脚平均每天会产生半品脱的汗水;如果这些汗水没有被袜子吸收,那么渗入鞋子的汗水是相当多的。”

“Many shoes that are available on the high street today may have leather uppers but are lined in synthetic material, which is not breathable. If the lining is not breathable then moisture, heat and bacteria will all be trapped inside the shoe.” “如今在商业街能买到的许多鞋子,鞋面可能是真皮的,但是衬里通常是不透气的人工合成面料。如果衬里不透气,那么水分、湿热和细菌全将被困在鞋子里。”

Her advice is to give shoes 48 hours to dry out to prevent bacteria breeding. However Mrs Stevenson, who sits on the council of the College of Podiatry, also points out that ill-fitting footwear and a lack of socks can lead to issues like blisters and the formation of painful corns, calluses and ingrown toenails. 她的建议是,让鞋子通风48小时,防止细菌滋生。不过,作为足病学院委员会的成员,史蒂芬森女士也指出,不合脚的鞋和不穿袜子还会引发水泡、鸡眼、老茧和趾甲内生。


Spray feet with underarm antiperspirant prior to putting your shoes on 在穿鞋前往脚上喷洒腋下止汗剂; Don’t wear the same shoes everyday 不要每天都穿同一双鞋; Give shoes 48 hours to dry off 每次穿完鞋子后让鞋通风48小时; Use dry tea bags to absorb excess moisture in shoes 用干茶叶袋吸收鞋子中多余的湿气; Wash and dry feet correctly after going sockless 在光脚穿鞋后正确地洗脚并把脚擦干; Don’t do it if your shoes begin to give you pain 如果你的鞋让你脚疼,就不要光脚穿鞋


“Another of the biggest issues is also the new trend for narrow, pointed men’s shoes, and slip-on shoes. Going sockless is common with both of these styles,” she said. 她说:“另外一个导致足病的大问题是尖头男鞋和懒人鞋的新风潮。这两种鞋是裸踝的常见搭配。”

“Pointy shoes are not shaped appropriately for the foot, resulting in ill-fitting shoes. This in turn causes friction over bony prominences in the feet such as the toes and heels. “尖头鞋的反人类设计导致鞋子穿起来不舒服,进而引发脚骨突出的部位(比如脚趾和脚后跟处)和鞋子的摩擦。”

“In addition to increasing the risk of ingrown toenails, other bony defect issues such as bunions can be exacerbated by pointy shoes. Likewise, slip-on shoes cause the toes to claw in order to keep the shoe on the foot and can also result in increased friction on the back of the foot where the foot slips in and out of the shoe.” “这种摩擦不但会增加趾甲内生的风险,还会加剧拇趾囊肿等骨质缺损疾病的恶化。同样地,穿懒人鞋时,为了让鞋子不脱脚,脚趾会用力抓住鞋底,也会导致脚后跟处的来回摩擦增加。”



repercussion: 令人不满意的后果 podiatrist: 足病医生 chiropodist: 手足病医生;足科医生 corn: 鸡眼 slip-on shoes:懒人鞋,一脚蹬

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