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盘点白领改善健康的十个简单方法 1. Avoid the treats 拒绝零食

The birthday doughnuts or the homemade chocolate cookies from colleagues may be tempting, but the experts say to avoid them at all costs. Research from the Royal College of Surgeons has shown the office cake culture, in which workers bring in treats for birthdays and celebrations, is fueling obesity and dental problems. 生日甜甜圈或同事自制的巧克力曲奇也许相当诱人,但专家称要不惜一切拒绝它们。皇家外科医学院的研究显示,办公室的蛋糕文化,即员工在生日和庆祝场合给大家带零食的现象,正使肥胖和牙齿问题恶化。

Psychologist Corinne Sweet explained how you can avoid temptation. She said: “Temptation will always present itself. You have to plan a course of action to curb your vulnerability to being seduced by something you know will trigger your need to snack. This may take effort and time, as we often hang on to what is familiar, but if you stick to it, you will soon be reaping the rewards.” 心理学家柯琳·斯威特讲解了该如何拒绝诱惑。她表示,诱惑总是出现。你必须设计出一个行动方案,抑制自己易受明知会引发你对零食的渴望的食物诱惑的弱点。因为我们总是依赖熟悉的事物,这或许需要努力和时间,但只要坚持下去,你很快就可以从中获益。

2. Make a packed lunch 自制午餐盒饭

Not only will making your lunch at home save you money, but you can also make sure it is packed full of nutrients without the high sugar, salt and fat you find in many fast food grab-and-go meals. 在家自制午餐不仅省钱,还可以确保午餐富含营养成分,不像许多方便快餐那样高糖高盐高脂肪。

Fast food lunches “rarely provide you with enough veg, fiber and good quality protein to keep hunger at bay and blood sugar levels stable throughout the afternoon,” explained nutritionist Lily Soutter. “A great blood-sugar balancing lunch is essential for preventing that post-afternoon energy slump, as well as keeping hunger at bay.” 营养学家莉莉·苏特解释称,快餐类午餐很少能提供足以让你整个下午都不感到饥饿、血糖维持在稳定水平的蔬菜、纤维和优质蛋白质。有助平衡血糖的午餐对防止午后精神不振、远离饥饿感是必需的。

3. Top up vitamin D levels 补充维生素D

Spending short periods of time in the sunshine is a great way to top up your vitamin D levels, but if it’s pouring outside or you truly can’t leave your desk, there are other ways, such as eating plenty of oily fish. 晒一小会儿太阳是提高维生素D水平的好办法,但如果外面大雨倾盆或者你实在无法离开办公桌,还有一些其他的方法可以达到这种效果,比如多吃油性鱼类。

“The best way to get vitamin D is from spending lots of time in the sun, but if this is not an option, try taking a supplement,” advised nutritionist Cassandra Barns. 营养学家卡桑德拉·巴恩斯建议,获取维生素D的最好办法就是多晒太阳,但如果这不可行,试试服用补充剂吧。

4. Leave your screen at lunch 吃午饭时远离屏幕

Nutritionist Shona Wilkinson of Superfood UK said get away from your desk when you’re eating if you can, or at least keep your eyes off the screen. Superfood UK的营养学家修纳·威金森表示,如果可能的话,吃饭时离开办公桌,或者至少眼睛别再盯着屏幕了。

She said: “It is important for our digestive systems to sit up straight while eating and eat slowly. If you want to enjoy your food make sure you look at it while you are eating and take the time to savor the flavors.” 她表示,吃饭时坐直、细嚼慢咽对我们的消化系统来说很重要。如果你想享受美食,确保吃饭的时候看着食物、花点时间细品食物的滋味。

5. Stay hydrated 补充水分

Remember to drink plenty of water, advised the nutritionists, as keeping hydrated is important for brain function. Dehydration can lead to headaches and fatigue. 营养学家建议,记得多喝水,因为保持充足的水分对大脑功能很重要。缺水可能导致头疼和疲惫。

“We should be aiming for two liters of water per day,” Shona said. 修纳表示,我们的目标是每天喝够两升水。

6. Up your steps 多走路

Even some gentle exercise everyday will improve your health, the experts said. They suggested taking a walk at lunch time - but if you can’t fit this in, podiatrist Dave Wain at Carnation Footcare has some other suggestions. 专家称,即使每天进行一些温和运动也有益健康。他们建议在午饭时间散散步,但如果你做不到,Carnation Footcare的足疗师戴夫·韦恩有一些别的建议。

“Change your route to work. Even by adding an extra five minutes of walking to your journey, you’ll up your step count.” “改变你的通勤路线。即使只是在通勤路上多走上5分钟,也能增加你的走路步数。”

7. Don’t eat when stressed 不要化压力为食欲

Avoid heading for the cookie tin after a stressful meeting, the experts advised. They said try sitting down for lunch without talking too much, focusing on your meal. 专家建议,在开完一次让人压力山大的会议后,千万别把手伸到饼干罐里,试着坐下来享受午餐,专心吃饭、少说话。

“By focusing on conversation rather than the eating, this may interfere with the digestive process,” advised Shona Wilkinson. “It’s also important to chew properly, at least 30 times each mouthful.” 修纳·威金森建议,将精力放在聊天而非吃饭上可能会妨碍消化过程。充分咀嚼也很重要,每口饭菜至少要咀嚼30次。

8. De-stress with a to-do list 通过列待办事项清单减压

If you don’t have time to go out and clear your head on your lunch break, the experts advised writing a to-do list to gather your thoughts. 如果午休时间你没空外出清醒头脑,专家建议列个待办事项清单来理清你的思绪。

“If you feel the symptoms of stress coming on, learn to get your priorities right,” advised Marliyn Glenville, author of "Natural Alternatives to Sugar". “Learn to say no if you feel that you have taken on too much. Being assertive is invigorating and empowering. It also helps to make lists of what is, or is not, a priority, and to tackle the priority tasks first.” 《糖的天然替代品》一书的作者玛里琳·格伦维尔建议称,如果你感觉压力症状即将来袭,要学会分清事情的轻重缓急。觉得自己承担了太多事情时,要学会拒绝。自信果断能使人充满活力、感到有自主权,还有助于制定优先和非优先事项清单、优先处理紧要任务。

9. Clean your desk 清理办公桌

Desks have been known to harbor 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat - stomach-churning news for those who eat at their desks. 据悉,办公桌所藏的细菌量比普通坐便器垫圈高400倍,这对那些坐在办公桌前用餐的人来说可真是个倒胃口的消息。

Try to spare five minutes a day to give your desk a tidy up and a clean. 试着每天腾出5分钟的时间来整理和清洁你的办公桌。

10. Embrace fidgeting 学会"坐立不安"

Are you naturally someone who feels like they constantly have to move, whether that’s simply tapping your foot, or swinging on your chair? 无论是简单地用脚打拍子还是坐在椅子上摇晃身体,你是那种天生好动、经常要做些小动作的人吗?

Some studies have suggested this could actually help you burn a few calories, so embrace your fidgeting. 一些研究已经表明,这样其实可以帮你消耗少量卡路里,所以加入"坐立不安"大军吧!

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