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1 中韩关系回到正常轨道 China & South Korea get relations back on track

China and the Republic of Korea (ROK) have been maintaining communications on the Korean Peninsula issue through diplomatic channels, according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry Tuesday. 据中国外交部10月31日消息,中韩双方一直通过外交途径就朝鲜半岛问题保持着沟通。 “Enhancing communication and cooperation is in accordance with the common interests of China and the ROK. Both sides agree to bring communication and cooperation in various fields back on the normal track as soon as possible,” a ministry press release said. 外交部发布消息称,加强两国交流合作符合中韩双方的共同利益。双方同意推动各个领域交流合作早日回到正常发展轨道。 “The ROK made it clear that the deployment of THAAD in the ROK will not target any third country, and will not harm China’s strategic security and interests,” the release said. 消息称,韩方明确表示在韩国部署萨德系统不针对第三国,即不损害中方战略安全利益。 “The Chinese side takes note of the ROK’s stance and hopes the ROK side will properly handle the relevant issues,” the release said. “Both sides agreed to keep communication through military-to-military channels.” 消息称,中方注意到韩方表明的立场,希望韩方妥善处理有关问题。双方商定通过两军渠道保持沟通。 The release also made clear China’s concerns about the ROK’s participation in US-led missile defense networks, any additional THAAD deployment, and on trilateral military cooperation between the ROK, Japan and the United States. 中方就构建反导体系、追加部署“萨德”、韩美日军事合作等阐明了中国政府的立场和关切。 “The ROK side also expressed its stance, which the ROK government has clarified in public before,” the release said. 消息称,韩方再次表明韩国政府此前公开阐述的立场。 Vocabulary: Korean Peninsula 朝鲜半岛 Chinese Foreign Ministry 中国外交部 in accordance with 依照;与…一致 common interests 共同利益 THAAD 战区高空区域防御系统(Terminal High Altitude Area Defense,又称萨德) bring …back on the normal track 把…拉回正常发展轨道 make clear 解释清楚;明确表示;澄清 take note of 注意到 missile defense networks 导弹防御网络 concern 关心;忧虑;关切

2 安倍连任首相 Abe re-elected PM

Abe, who has been Japanese prime minister since December 2012, was reelected Wednesday by voting in both chambers of the Diet at a special parliamentary session, following the ruling Liberal Democratic Party’s sweeping victory in the Oct. 22 lower house election. 安倍晋三自2012年12月起一直担任日本首相(译者注:安倍晋三曾于2006年当选日本首相,于次年辞职)。在11月1日的特别国会上,经国会两院投票,安倍再次当选首相,其领导的执政党自民党在10月22日的众议院选举中大获全胜。 At a press conference following the launch of Abe’s new cabinet which saw the premier retaining all his ministers, Abe reiterated his commitment to addressing Japan’s population aging and low birthrate, what he had previously termed as the biggest challenges facing Japan. 安倍内阁成员全部留任。在新内阁的新闻发布会上,安倍重申将致力于解决日本人口老龄化和低出生率的问题,此前他表示这两大问题是日本面临的最大挑战。 He said that he would announce in early December an economic stimulus package worth 2 trillion yen to bolster education and social welfare programs including free preschool education and day care services for children aged between three and five. 安倍称将于12月初宣布2万亿日元(约合人民币1161亿元)的经济刺激方案,用以支持教育和社会福利事业,包括免费学前教育、为3-5岁儿童提供日托服务等。 As for his long-term goal of revising the pacifist Constitution, Abe said there is no time schedule yet, adding that he would like to work on building a consensus with opposition forces. 提及修订和平宪法的长远目标,安倍表示尚无时间表,并补充道,希望通过努力与反对民众达成一致。 Abe’s goal of constitutional reform has been opposed by the majority of Japanese people according to previous polls, and by opposition forces that are gearing up to block the prime minister’s such efforts. 此前的民调显示,安倍的修宪目标遭到大部分日本民众的反对,反对力量正加速阻挠首相的修宪进程。 Vocabulary: chamber 房间,会所,议院 the Diet (日本、丹麦、巴西等国的)国会 special parliamentary session 特别国会 sweeping victory 大获全胜,压倒性胜利 lower house 下议院,众议院 cabinet 橱柜,内阁 population aging 人口老龄化 commitment to 恪守…承诺,致力于… economic stimulus package 经济刺激方案 day care service 日托服务 pacifist Constitution 和平宪法 build a consensus with 与…达成共识 constitutional reform 宪制改革 gear up 增速,提高效率

3 肯尼迪遇刺档案 JFK Assassination Records

President Donald Trump on Thursday delayed the release of some documents relating to the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy for further review on national security grounds, while allowing the National Archives topost over 2,800 other pages. 10月26日,美国总统特朗普同意美国国家档案馆公布了2800余页前总统约翰·肯尼迪遇刺调查档案,但出于国家安全考虑,暂时保留部分档案再作审核。 The White House set a deadline of April 26 for the release of those documents. 白宫定于明年4月26日前公布这些文件。 The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) said the redactions were meant to protect information that would “harm national security - including the names of CIA assets and current and former CIA officers, as well as specific intelligence methods and partnerships that remain viable to protecting the nation today.” 中情局当天发表声明,称其审核的目的是为了保护国家安全利益,其中包括“中情局财产、现任及前任中情局官员的名字、情报搜集手段及敏感伙伴等”。 The U.S. Congress passed the Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act in 1992 that ordered the publication of the assassination files, setting a 25-year deadline that ran out on October 26. 1992年,美国国会通过了《肯尼迪总统刺杀纪录搜集法案》,法案要求所有肯尼迪遇刺案相关政府档案须在25年之后对外公开,而2017年10月26日即为最后截止日期。 Kennedy, the 35th U.S. President, was shot dead on Nov. 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas. Lee Harvey Oswald, an American former U.S. Marine, who was accused of the shooting, was killed two days later by Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby. The assassination has spawned numerous conspiracy theories. 1963年11月22日,美国第35任总统肯尼迪在得克萨斯州达拉斯市遇刺身亡。嫌犯李·奥斯瓦尔德曾任海军陆战队员,在案发两天后遭达拉斯市夜店老板杰克·鲁比枪杀。由此产生了许多关于此案的阴谋论猜想。 Vocabulary: national security 国家安全 on the grounds of 由于…的原因 assassination 暗杀,行刺 the National Archives 美国国家档案馆 make public 公布,披露,公之于众 the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) 美国中央情报局(简称“中情局”) redaction 编辑,校订,修订本 intelligence 情报工作,情报机关 the Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act 《肯尼迪总统刺杀纪录搜集法案》 run out 用完;耗尽;跑出;到期;伸向 U.S. Marine 美国海军陆战队 be accused of 被指控,被控告犯有… conspiracy theory 阴谋论

4 曼哈顿卡车撞人恐袭事件 Manhattan Truck Attack

A man in a rented pickup truck plowed down pedestrians and cyclists on Manhattan’s West Side Highway bike path along the Hudson River on Tuesday, killing at least eight and injured 11 in what Mayor de Blasio called an act of terror. 10月31日,一名男子驾驶一辆租赁皮卡沿曼哈顿西侧紧邻哈德逊河的西街行驶时突然开上自行车道,冲撞多名行人及骑车人,目前已造成至少8人死亡、11人受伤。纽约市长德布拉西奥称该事件是一起恐怖主义袭击。 The truck veered left toward Chambers Street, where it collided with a small school bus, injuring two adults and two children inside. 这辆皮卡在左转驶入钱伯斯街时与一辆小型校车相撞,造成车内2名成人和2名儿童受伤。 The driver was shot and arrested by police after getting out of the truck with the pellet and paintball guns while shouting “Allahu Akbar” — Arabic for “God is good”, police sources said. 警方称,发生碰撞后,司机从车上走出来,手持一把弹丸枪和一把彩弹枪,并用阿拉伯语高喊“真主伟大”,随后警察将其击伤并逮捕。 Law enforcement officials identified the suspect as 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov. He’s from Uzbekistan in Central Asia and came to the US legally in 2010. 执法部门已经公布了嫌犯的身份,这名29岁的男子来自中亚国家乌兹别克斯坦,于2010年移民美国,姓名音译“萨弗罗·塞波夫”。 President Trump tweeted his “condolences and prayers” to the victims of the attack. Despite the carnage, the Village Halloween Parade in Lower Manhattan still went on, said the police. 美国总统特朗普在推特上向遇难者表示哀悼和同情。警方称,尽管发生了这样的恐袭事件,但当晚计划在曼哈顿下城进行的万圣节游行不会取消。 Vocabulary: pickup truck 敞蓬小型载货卡车,皮卡车 plow n.犁 v.耕地,破浪前进,开路 Hudson River 哈德逊河 veer n.转向 v.转向,改变立场 pellet gun 弹丸枪 paintball gun 彩弹枪 condolence 哀悼,慰问 carnage 大屠杀,残杀,大量绝灭 Village Halloween Parade 万圣节游行 Lower Manhattan 曼哈顿下城

5 联合国教科文组织“空间科学奖章” UNESCO Medal on Space Science

▲联合国教科文组织总干事博科娃(左)和中国常驻联合国教科文组织大使衔代表沈阳(右)展示中国航天员杨利伟获得的“空间科学奖章”及证书 The Director-General of UNESCO, Ms Irina Bokova, presented the UNESCO Medal on Space Science to four laureates during the 1st edition of the award ceremony held on Friday at UNESCO’s Headquarters in Paris. 当地时间10月27日,联合国教科文组织总干事伊琳娜·博科娃在教科文巴黎总部将首次评选出的“空间科学奖章”授予4名获奖者。 Among the four laureates is China’s first man sent to space, Yang Liwei. Unable to attend the ceremony himself, Yang Liwei was represented by Shen Yang, Ambassador and Permanent Delegate of the People’s Republic of China to UNESCO at the ceremony. 其中一名获奖者为中国进入太空第一人——杨利伟。杨利伟因工作原因无法亲赴颁奖仪式现场,委托中国常驻联合国教科文组织大使衔代表沈阳代表他领奖并致辞。 In a message delivered by Shen on his behalf, Yang Liwei recalled October 2003 when the world witnessed the success of China’s first manned space mission that opened a new era of China’s manned space program and made contributions to the human exploration into the unknown. 沈阳代表杨利伟在致辞中表示,2003年10月,中国首次载人航天飞行取得圆满成功,开创了中国载人航天事业的新局面,也为人类探索未知世界作出了积极贡献。 The three other scientific laureates of the 2017 edition are Valentina Tereshkova, the Russian cosmonaut and first woman in space, Arnaldo Tamayo Mendez, the first Cuban in space, and Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata, the first Japanese commander of International Space Station (ISS). 另三位获奖者分别为:世界首位进入太空的女性、苏联宇航员瓦莲京娜·捷列什科娃、古巴首位进入太空的宇航员阿纳尔多·塔马约·门德斯以及国际空间站首位日本宇航员若田光一。 The UNESCO Medal on Space Science, established on June 29, 2017 is awarded to honor prominent scientists, public figures and organizations for their contributions to the development of space science. “空间科学奖章”设立于2017年6月29日,旨在表彰对空间科学探索与发展做出杰出贡献的科学家、公众人物或组织机构。 Vocabulary: The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) 联合国教育、科学及文化组织(简称“联合国教科文组织”) director-general 总干事,理事长,署长 permanent delegate 常驻代表,常任代表 on one’s behalf 代表某人 manned space mission 载人航天 cosmonaut (苏联的)宇航员,太空人 International Space Station (ISS) 国际空间站 public figure 公众人物,社会名人

6 《功守道》 Gongshoudao

Alibaba founder, Jack Ma has secured a starring role in the short film “Gongshoudao,” which translates to “The Art of Attack and Defence.” 阿里巴巴创始人马云将领衔主演电影短片《功守道》,意为“用功夫守住自己家园之道”。 As well as Jet Li, Ma will appear in the film with other famous martial artists, including Wu Jing and Star Wars: Rouge One actor Donnie Yen. Li is producing the movie, and none of the actors in “Gongshoudao” took a paycheck for their roles in the movie. 与马云一道出演该影片的还有李连杰、吴京以及曾出演《星球大战外传:侠盗一号》的甄子丹等多位功夫巨星,其中李连杰担任总监制,此次参与《功守道》电影的所有演员都是零片酬出演。 In the film, Ma will practice tai chi, something which the billionaire will be familiar with since he has been studying since 1988. The movie is aimed to promote the traditional Chinese martial art as well as the positive philosophy it embodies. 在影片中,马云将饰演一位太极高手,而马云本人也对太极颇为了解,因为自1988年起他便开始练习太极拳。拍摄这部短片正是为了弘扬中国传统武术及其所体现的积极的哲学思想。 “Gongshoudao” is scheduled to come out on November 11, also known as Singles’ Day in China, and will be available on Chinese video platform Youku. 《功守道》将于11月11日“光棍节”正式在中国视频平台优酷开播。 Vocabulary: starring role 主演的角色 short film短片 martial artist 武术家 take the paycheck 领薪水 practice tai chi 打太极 Chinese martial art 中国武术 come out 出版,出现,初次登台 Singles’ Day光棍节

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