【阅读】考研英语经济学人文章读译 Day 11 Not science fiction
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THE recent stem-cell scandal in South Korea may have made front-page news across the world, but (1)few readers are likely to bet that a literary novel set in a laboratory and based on scientific research might end up being a ★page-turner[1]. Readers of “Intuition”, however, will battle with themselves over whether to savour Allegra Goodman’s exquisite ★filleting[2] of character, as the scientists are themselves dissected like their experimental mice, or to rush ★headlong[3] to find out what h________① next.

In an under-funded Harvard laboratory, the ★dogged[4], unglamorous ★slog[5] towards finding a cure for cancer is u_______② way. Suddenly one research assistant’s experiment ★bears [6]fruit. After mice infected with human breast-cancer cells are injected with Cliff’s R-7 virus, their tumours melt away in 60% of the population. But are Cliff’s results too good to be true? (2)The question of whether the R-7 results were ★fiddled[7] powers the remainder of the book.

Ms Goodman follows the good novelist’s ★credo[8] that plot ★proceeds from[9] character; and (3)she follows the good scientist’s credo that objective truth is inexorably ★coloured[10] by whoever ★stands[11] to lose or gain by it. All the researchers in “Intuition” are sympathetic, and they are all ★screwed up[12]. Sandy, co-director of the lab, is a ★charismatic[13] dynamo[14], but too enamoured with worldly glory. His brilliant, shy partner Marion has ★impeccable[15] research standards, but is undermined by chronic self-doubt. By contrast, Cliff is ★glibly[16] over-c_________③. Robin, R-7’s ★whistle-blower[17] (also Cliff’s former girlfriend), is a natural scientist, but her determination to uncover fraud may be driven by romantic disappointment. Robin is heeding her intuition, and “young researchers had their intuition ★tamped down[18] lest, like the ★sorcerer’s[19] apprentice, they flood the lab with their conceits.”

What a relief to find a novel that does not take place in the literary salons of London or New York. (4)Ms Goodman manages fully to inhabit another profession’s world. Her characters so live and breathe on the page that they could get up and m_______④ you a cup of coffee while you finish another chapter. (5)Her writing is rich, so rich it would be easy to miss how skilful is the prose itself. Exciting and, for most, exotic as well, “Intuition” is a ★stunning[20] achievement.

参考译文(TRANSLATED BY CHENJILONG) 并非科幻小说 韩国最近发生的干细胞丑闻或许已成为世界各地的头条新闻,不过几乎没有读者会相信,一本以实验室为背景、基于科学研究的小说到头来竟然让他们爱不释手。然而,读过《直觉》这本书的人心里很矛盾,小说里的科学家如同他们用作实验的小鼠一样被深刻剖析,因而读者们不知道是仔细品味一下阿列格拉•古德曼入木三分的人物描写呢,还是急于弄清接下来会发生什么事情。




NOTES [1]page-turner n.【非正式用语】让人一页一页不停往下翻的书;引人入胜的书(一本非常有趣的、令人兴奋或悬念四起的书,通常是指小说):“The book is a page-turner”(Frank Conroy)“这本书真是让人爱不释手”(弗兰克•康罗伊) [2]fillet v.切取(鱼、肉)净肉;切(鱼肉)成片 [3]headlong adj.&adv.=headfirst 头先向前的;轻举妄动地,匆匆忙忙地:He’s gone headfirst into trouble.他轻率地陷入麻烦中。 [4]dogged adj.顽强的,坚忍不拔的:She was not very clever, but by dogged efforts she learnt a good deal at school.她不怎么聪明,但努力不懈,在学校学到了很多东西。 [5]slog n.艰苦工作(之期间):I always found school difficult: it was a hard slog.我总觉得求学不易,读书是一桩苦事。 [6]bear v.产(作物、水果):The young apple tree is bearing this year for the first time.这棵苹果幼树今年首度结了果。 [7]fiddle v.虚报:to fiddle one’s income tax虚报所得税 [8]credo n.信仰,信条:a credo of socialist principles社会主义的信条 [9]proceed from (无被动)由……造成,产生自…… [10]colour vt.使(人,事件)带特殊的效果或感受;影响:Personal feelings coloured his judgement.个人的感情影响了他的判断。|a highly-coloured account of his difficulties大加渲染地描述他的种种困难 [11]stand v. to be in a position to gain or lose有(得失之)机会;势将(得或失):If this new law is passed, we stand to lose our tax advantage.如果这项新法律通过,我们势将失去我们在税赋方面享受的利益。 [Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English] stand to do something: to be likely to do or have something: stand to gain/lose/win/make What do firms think they stand to gain by merging? After the oil spill, thousands of fishermen stand to lose their livelihoods. [12]screw up v.(常被动)(俚语)搞得乱七八糟;搅乱:Things are screwed up, as usual.事情跟平常一样糟。Screw up one’s courage 鼓起勇气 [Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English] someone who is screwed up has a lot of emotional problems because of bad or unhappy experiences in the past. [13]charismatic adj.有气质的,有(政治)魅力的 [14]dynamo n.发电器,发电机:(比喻)Randolph is a real dynamo; he never stops working.鲁道夫浑身都是劲,总是不停地工作。 [15]impeccable adj.=faultless 无瑕疵的 [16]glibly adv.油腔滑调地,流利而不真实地 [17]whistle-blower n. someone who tells people in authority or the public about dishonest or illegal practices at the place where they work告密人,揭发者:What is disturbing is that it is typical of a new intolerance against whistlee-blowers that raises serious questions about free speech. [18]tamp down v. to press or push something down by lightly hitting it several times捣实,拍紧,砸紧:As well as surprise, she had heard irritation tamped down in Vitor’s voice. [19]sorcerer n.巫师,魔法师,弄妖术者 [20]stunning adj.迷人的,极富魅力的,极美的,讨人喜欢的

完型填空答案及分析 ① happens:接下来会“发生”什么事,此处肯定是个动词。前面的find out暗示了“发生”。 ② under:under way是指to have started to happen or be done,“正在进行中。” ③ confident:上一句中有self-doubt缺乏自信,而后转折by contrast,对比分析知道该处应说的是“过于自信”。 ④ make:此处应填动词,而后面跟的是a cup of coffee,同时全句的意思是把人物给写活了,能在你看完一章后“为你……一杯咖啡”,注意介词“for”,为……,而不是to。

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