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这篇文章汇集了邀请信、建议信、口头通知、申请信、投诉信、道歉信的篇章布局和首段、中段、尾段涉及到的重要句型,对你的英语写作会有直接的帮助,答应我,下次考前一定要好好看看哦! 《建议信》 【篇首句】说明写信目的。

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble fitting in your new school. Such problems are quite normal. Perhaps the following suggestions are helpful. 很遗憾听说你在适应新学校方面有困难。这样的问题是很正常的。可能下面的建议会有一些帮助。
  2. I have received your letter saying you plan to play a visit to China for ten days next month. Perhaps the following suggestions are helpful to you. 我已经收到了你的来信。信上说你打算下个月来参观中国十天。可能下面的建议对你是有帮助的。
  3. I’m writing to you to present what I think on the further improvement of our hotel so as to attract more clients(顾客). 我给你写信是想说明一下我对于进一步改善我们旅馆的一些想法,以吸引更多顾客。
  4. You have asked me for my advice with regard to how to learn Chinese , and I will try to make some suggestions here. 你关于如何学习汉语询问我的建议,那么我就在这里给出一些建议。
  5. I’m very glad to receive your letter asking for my advice on how to fit in the new school life. Here are a few suggestions. 很高兴收到你的来信,信上询问我关于如何适应新的学校生活。下面是我的一些建议。
  6. I’m very glad to have received your e-mail. Now I’m writing to give you some advice on how to learn English well in high school. 很高兴收到你的电子邮件。现在,关于如何在高中学好英语,我写信给你一些建议。 【篇中句】介绍详情、提出具体建议。
  7. I’d like to suggest that… 我想要建议…
  8. In my opinion,… 在我看来,…
  9. If I were you, I would… 如果我是你,我会…
  10. You’d better do…/not do… 你最好/最好不…
  11. It’s necessary for you to read some books about these places before you come to see them with your own eyes. With more knowledge about these places, you will have a better understanding of Chinese history and culture. 在你来亲眼看到这些地方之前,你 有必要读一些关于这些地方的书。有了关于这些地方更多的知识,你将会更好的理解中国的历史和文化。
  12. First of all, you should listen to the teacher carefully and take notes in class so that you can go over your lessons as soon as you can after class. 首先,你应该认真听老师讲课。上课做好笔记,以便下课后可以及时复习。
  13. As is known to all,vocabulary is of great importance. You should spend half an hour in the morning reciting words and reading texts aloud. 众所周知,词汇是非常重要的。你应该早上花半个小时的时间背单词和朗读课文。
  14. What’s more, try to communicate with your classmates in English out of class. Only in this way can you improve your listening and spoken English quickly. 还有,试着在课外用英语和同学交流。只有这样,你才能够很快的提高英语听力和口语。
  15. Last but not least, you should develop the habit of keeping a diary, which helps improve your written English and helps you go over/review the words and expressions that you have learnt. 最后但也是很重要的一点是,你应该养成记日记的习惯,这会帮助你提高英语写作,也会帮助你复习学过的单词和短语。 【篇尾句】提出希望采纳建议,并祝福。
  16. I hope these suggestions will be of use to you. Remember: where there is a will, there is a way(有志者事竟成). 我希望这些建议会对你有用。记住:有志者事竟成。
  17. I hope these suggestions will be of use to you. Remember: The man who has made up his mind to win will never say “impossible”(一个决心要成功的人从来不说“不可能”). 我希望这些建议会对你有用。记住:一个决心要成功的人从来不说“不可能”。
  18. Best wishes! (给你)最美好的祝愿!
  19. I hope that my suggestions are helpful for you anyway. I would be more than happy to see improvement. 无论如何,我希望这些建议对你有所帮助。我会非常高兴看到情况改善。
  20. I believe that you will take my suggestions into serious account. Whatever you decide to do, good luck with your studies/work! 我相信你会认真考虑我的建议。无论你决定做什么,祝你学习/工作好运。
  21. I sincerely hope my advice will be some help for you. If there is more I can do to help, please let me know. 我真诚的希望我的建议对你有一些帮助。如果有更多我可以帮忙的,请告诉我。
  22. I hope you can take good consideration of my advice. I would be ready to discuss about this matter with you to further details. 我希望你可以好好考虑我的建议。我准备好和你进一步讨论这件事情。
  23. I sincerely hope my advice will be some help for you. I’m eager to see you soon in Beijing. Wish you in advance a pleasant trip to Beijing. 我真诚的希望我的建议对你有一些帮助。很希望早点在北京见到你。提前祝你来北京之行愉快。

《邀请信》 【篇首句】介绍自己,简要说明活动,并邀请对方。

  1. I’m Wang Ming from YuWen School,the president of the Student Union. 我是来自育文学校的王明,学生会主席。
  2. An English speaking contest of our school will be held on August 6. 我们学校有一场英语演讲比赛将在8月6号举行。
  3. There will be a party in my garden on Sunday. 周日,在我的花园里会举行一场聚会。
  4. I’d like to invite you to judge it. 我想邀请你做它的裁判。
  5. I’m writing to invite you to… 我写信是邀请你…
  6. I wonder if you can come to… 我想知道你是否能来…
  7. We sincerely hope you can attend it. 我们真诚希望你能够参加。
  8. It’s my pleasure/a great honour for me to invite you to… 我很荣幸的邀请你…
  9. It’s a pity that you have to go back to America soon. So a farewell party for you will be held in the Sun Club this Saturday evening. Could you come at 6:00 pm? 很遗憾你不久就要回美国了。所以,这周六,在阳光俱乐部我们会为你举行一个欢送会。下午六点你能来吗? 【篇中句】介绍活动具体内容,并说明受邀人参加理由。
  10. It will begin at 2:00 pm and last two hours, during which time 15 well-prepared contestants will deliver their speeches. 它将于下午两点钟开始,四点钟结束,在此期间将会有十五位准备充分的参赛者发表演讲。
  11. We will start at 8:00 am and arrive there at 9:00. 我们将会在上午八点出发,九点到达那里。
  12. During the afternoon, we’ll…together. 下午,我们会一起…
  13. Remember to take water and lunch with you. 记得带上水和午餐。
  14. By the way, you may take Bus No. 322 in front of your apartment and it will take you directly to the club. 顺便说一下,你可以乘坐你家公寓前的322路公交车,它会直接把你带到俱乐部。
  15. I know you are a native speaker of English and an English teacher, and I, on behalf of our school, sincerely invite you to be part of the contest. 我知道你的母语是英语,还是一个英语老师。我,代表我们学校,真诚的邀请你来比赛现场。
  16. Since you are so eager to improve your English, it will prove to be a great chance. 既然你如此渴望提高英语,这会是一个很好的机会。
  17. I’m sure that you will enjoy yourself there. 我保证你在那里会过得很愉快。 【篇尾句】期待对方接受邀请,并期待对方尽快回复。
  18. Will you be available during that time? Please contact me at 1234567 at your earliest convenience. 那期间你有空吗?请方便时尽快给我打电话1234567。
  19. Would you please let me know as soon as possible if you can accept my invitation? 请尽快告诉我你能否接受我的邀请好吗?
  20. We will feel much honored if you could come. 如果你能来,我们会非常荣幸。
  21. We are looking forward to your coming. 我们期待着你的到来。
  22. I am longing to see you soon. 我期待着尽早见到你。

《口头通知》 【篇首句】引起注意。

  1. Hello, everybody/everyone.
  2. Ladies and gentlemen.
  3. May I have your attention, please? I have an announcement to make. 请注意,好吗?我要通知一件事情。
  4. Attention, please! I have something important to tell you. 请注意!我有重要的事情要告诉你们。 (此步句型虽少,但都是精华哦!) 【篇中句】主要内容。
  5. There will be a party/speech/contest held by the English Department in the hall of the library on Saturday evening. 周六晚上,在图书馆大厅,英语系将会举行一场聚会/演讲/比赛。
  6. In order to welcome our friends from the United States, the Student Union will organize a party in the school hall on Saturday evening, August 15. 为了欢迎我们来自美国的朋友,学生会将会在8月15号星期六晚上组织一场聚会。
  7. Our school has decided to hold an activity to climb Xiangshan Hill this Sunday. 我们学校决定这周六组织去爬香山。
  8. It will begin at 5 pm and last about two hours. 它将在下午5点开始,持续大约2个小时。
  9. The school will arrange several buses to take us there. 学校会安排几辆公交车带我们去那里。
  10. There will colourful activities then, such as singing, dancing, exchanging gifts with one another and so on. 到时会有丰富多彩的活动,比如唱歌、跳舞、互换礼物等等。
  11. All the teachers and students are required to attend it. Please take your notebooks and make notes. Please listen carefully and we’ll have a discussion in groups. 所有的老师和学生都被要求参加。请带上笔记本做笔记。请认真聆听,之后我们会有分组讨论。 【篇尾句】要求/邀请参加+注意事项。
  12. Those who are interested in the activity are welcom. 欢迎对此活动感兴趣的人参加。
  13. Those who want to take part in it please sign up at the Student Union. 想要参加的人请在学生会报名。
  14. Please come and join in it. Everyone is welcom to attend it. 请来参加。每个人都是受欢迎的。
  15. Remember to take your hats and gloves. 记得带上你的帽子和手套。
  16. Remember that we are required hats and water. 记得我们被要求带帽子和水。
  17. Please come on time and don’t be late. 请准时到来,不要迟到。
  18. You might as well take a camera in case you want to take some photos of the beautiful scenery. 你不妨带个相机以防你想要给美丽的风景拍照。
  19. Please pass on this message to those who are not here today. 请把这个消息告诉不在场的人。
  20. I hope that you will have a nice time there. 我希望你在那里过得愉快。
  21. I am sure you will have a good time there/then. 我保证你在那里/到时会过得愉快。
  22. I believe you will have a wonderful time then. 我相信到时你会过得非常愉快。
  23. I think you will enjoy it very much. 我想你会非常喜欢它的。
  24. There’s sure to be a lot of fun. Everyone is welcome. 一定会有很多的乐趣。大家都是受欢迎的。
  25. Good luck. 祝好运。
  26. That’s all. Thank you. 我说完了。谢谢!

《申请信》 【篇首句】介绍自己,简要说明信息来源,并提出申请。

  1. I’m Li Hua, from Class One, Senior Two. 我是李华,来自高二一班。
  2. I have read in the newspaper that a secretary is wanted in your company. 我在报纸上看到你们公司在招聘一名秘书。
  3. I read the announcement of the Experience Life that you have posted on the Internet and I am interested in it. 我在网上看到你们发布的体验生活的消息,我对此很感兴趣。
  4. I am extremly pleased to see your advertisement for an English tutor(家庭教师/助教)in the newspaper. 我很高兴在报纸上看到你们招聘家庭教师/助教的广告。
  5. I am writing to apply for the summer camp in your school. 我写信是想申请加入你们学校的夏令营。
  6. I am writing to tell you that I’m suitable for the job you are advertising. 我写信是想告诉你,我适合做你们在广告上刊登的这份工作。
  7. I am writing to inquire about the possibility of the job. 我写信是询问(我得到)这份工作的可能性。
  8. I am writing to join the program. 我写信是想加入这个项目。
  9. I would like to apply for it during the summer vacation. 我想要暑假申请它。 【篇中句】突出自己特点,具体说明胜任理由。
  10. I think I’m qualified for the position. 我认为对于这个职位我是有资格的。
  11. In the first place, I have strong written and spoken communication skills. 首先,我有很好的写作和交流技巧。
  12. What’s more, I am well acquainted with the western culture.(be acquainted with 熟悉) 而且,我非常熟悉西方文化。
  13. Last but not the least, I have good personality, and I am independent in life. 最后但也是很重要的一点是,我有很好的性格,并且在生活中很独立。
  14. I think it’s of great use to me. For one thing, I can gain some experience for my future job; for another, I can make more friends. 我认为它对我是有好处的。一则,我能够为未来的工作获得经验;二则,我可以交到更多的朋友。
  15. I am sure I can do my best in the job. 我保证在工作中会尽最大努力。
  16. That’s why I am applying for the position. 那就是我申请这个职位的原因。
  17. I hope I can join you. 我希望我能够加入你们。 【篇尾句】请求给予机会,期望尽快回复。
  18. I will be much grateful if you can give me the opportunity. 如果你能给我这个机会,我会非常感激。
  19. I hope you can offer me the opportunity. 我希望你能提供给我这个机会。
  20. I hope I can be accepted as a member of your summer camp. 我希望我能够成为你们夏令营的一员。
  21. If you need to know more about me, please contact me at 189… 如果你需要了解我更多,请给我打电话189…
  22. I am looking forward to your early reply. 期待你的早日恢复。
  23. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. 期待早日收到你的来信。

《投诉信》 【篇首句】介绍自己,说明写作目的:投诉。

  1. I’m Li Hua. I feel bad to trouble you but I’m afraid that I have to make a complaint about your restaurant. 我是李华。很不想给你添麻烦。但是,恐怕我不得不对你们餐馆进行投诉。
  2. I’m writing to you to complain about… 我写信是投诉…
  3. I want to express my dissatisfaction about the woolen scarf I bought from your company. 我想要表达我对从你们公司买的羊毛围巾的不满。 【篇中句】说明投诉问题、后果,并提出合理建议。
  4. In the first place, the food is too salty and the water isn’t served in time. In addition, the music you broadcast is too noisy. Under these circumstances, I find it hard to sit here having dinner quietly. 首先,食物太咸,水没有及时端上来。而且,你们播放的音乐太吵了。在这样的环境下,我很难安静的坐在这里吃饭。
  5. While I was on holiday in Hong Kong about a week ago, I bought a green shirt for 300 HK dollars in your shop, but there seems to be something wrong with it. When it’s washed, it fades in colour. Now I can’t wear it. 大概一周前我在香港度假的时候,我在你们店里花300港元买了一件绿色衬衫,但是看上去似乎有一些状况。当被洗的时候,它会掉色。现在,我不能穿了。
  6. It arrived on time the day before yesterday. But when I checked it, I found a hole in the middle. I was astonished because the hole was obvious and I didn’t think you should neglect this deficiency(缺陷). 它是前天按时到的。但是当我检查时,我发现中间有个洞。我很震惊,因为这个洞和明显,我认为你们不应该忽略这个缺陷。
  7. I have dialed your service number for several times but it was always busy. 我多次拨打你们的服务电话,但它总是占线。
  8. Now this problem keeps worrying me. 现在这个问题一直在困扰我。
  9. To improve the situation, you can take the following measures. 为了改善状况,你们可以采取下面的措施。
  10. Can you change a new one for me as soon as possible? 你们可以尽快给我换件新的吗?
  11. I insist you change a new one for me or give me a refund(退款). 我坚持你们给我换件新的或者给我退款。
  12. How shall I send this scarf back to you? 我怎么把这条围巾寄还给你? 【篇尾句】希望给予考虑,并期待对方尽快回复。
  13. Thanks for your consideration. 感谢你的考虑。
  14. I hope you will give due attention to this matter. 我希望你给予此事应有的重视。
  15. I believe you will take my complaint seriously. 我相信你会认真考虑我的投诉。
  16. I’ll appreciate it if my demand is met. 如果我的要求被满足,我会非常感激。
  17. I’m looking forward to your early reply. 期待着你早日答复。


  1. 道歉信结构 道歉信通常包括三部分内容:1.表示歉意,道歉的原由;2.出现差错的原因,提出弥补措施;3.请求原谅。语言要诚挚,解释的理由要真实。好的道歉信不仅会取得对方的谅解,还会增进彼此的感情。
  2. 道歉信模板 Dear ______, ①I am truly sorry that ______(道歉的原因). ②The reason is that ______(介绍原因). ③Once again, I am sorry for any inconvenience caused. ④Hope you can accept my appologies and understand my situation. Yours sincerely, Li Ming
  3. 道歉信中开头段常用句式和套话 I am writing this letter to express my regret… 我写这封信是想表达我的遗憾… I am writing to apologize for… 我写信是为…道歉。 I would like to give you my apology for… 我想为…向你道歉。 I am very sorry to say that… 我很抱歉… I must apologize about (not) doing sth… 对于做了/没做…,我必须道歉。 Please accept my sincere apology for… 请接受我对于…的真诚道歉。 I am writing to say sorry for… 我写信是想对…说抱歉。 I am terribly sorry, but… 我很抱歉,但是…
  4. 道歉信中结尾段常用句式和套话 Once again, I am sorry for any inconvenience caused. 我对于所造成的任何不便再次道歉。 Please allow me to say sorry again. 请允许我再一次说抱歉。 Hope you can accept my apologies and understand my situation. 希望你们能够接受我的道歉,理解我的处境。 I sincerely hope that you will be able to think in my position and accept my apologies. 我真诚的希望你能够站在我的位置想一想,并且接受我的道歉。 I want to let you know how regretful I am feeling now. 我想让你知道我现在感觉多么的遗憾。 I am sorry that I can’t… but trust that you will be able to understand. 很抱歉我不能…,但我相信,你会理解的。

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