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1.恋爱是什么,是浪漫。 浪漫是什么,不仅是情不知所起一往而深,更是情不知何时而起一往而深。 What is the feeling of falling in love? Romance! What is romance? It’s a deep affection out of no reason, and out of blue. 2.要自由的人,其实要担最大的责任, 选别人少走的路的人,背负最沉重的枷锁。 从来就没有不需要抵抗重力的飞翔 A man aspiring after freedom shoulders the greatest responsibility, chooses the less travelled road, and carries the heaviest shackles. There is no flying that doesn’t fight gravity. 3.有时候不是我们天生容易遇渣男, 是彼此价值观不吻合,互相碾压, 把对方都弄成了渣。 Sometimes, we are not destined to meet playboys. Most of the time, we grind our lover into junk because we don’t agree with each other over values. 4.爱情,被戳穿就是骗局,没戳穿就是信仰 Love, if the bubble is pricked, is called deception; if not, is called belief. 5.自由之代价使自由更加高贵。 The expense of freedom makes it nobler. 6.有些人出现在你的生命里 是为了告诉你:你真好骗 Some people come to you in your life to make you know that you are such an easy target. 7.都说女人是男人身上的一根肋骨, 你跟你的器官讲隐私! As is quoted from the Bible, woman is a rib in a man. How can a man talk about piracy with his organ? 8.人类最可悲的是什么? 我们每一个人都在用生命想要去论证: 我跟别人不同, 可是恰恰是这种想要论证跟别人不同的心态,最TM相同。 你想要脱离大众做不一样的烟火, 结果发现满地的鞭炮都比你使劲。 What’s the biggest tragedy for human beings? Each of us wants to prove that I am different from others. But, the mentality of proving uniqueness is ridiculously identical. You want to be the different fireworks, only to find firecrackers all around the ground speak louder than you. 9.午夜梦回,枕边人不是心上人, 心上人已是梦中人。 In the middle of the night, you find your bedmate is not your sweetheart. Your sweetheart only exists in your dream. 10.我愿意有这样的一个人,让我爱上她; 让我不再计较得失;让我不再心猿意马;让我不再随波逐流。 因为我知道当我爱上她的那一刻我就已经遇见了最好的自己。 I’m longing for the one with whom I will fall in love. I will not scheme about gains and losses; I will not drift along absent-mindedly, because the moment I lose my heart to her, I have met the best self. 11.鬼知道今生挚爱是什么 我有可能遇到鬼我都不可能遇到今生挚爱 Only heaven knows who is the love of my life. I am more likely to meet a ghost than find the destined one. 12.每个人的心中都有一匹欲望的野马。 你可以去放养它,也可以去圈养它驯养它。 但是不要假装它不存在,排斥它。 我们每个人都应该自由的, 骄傲的活出个生机勃勃的生命。 Indeed, in everyone’s heart lives a wild horse. it’s either free-range or domesticated. But please don’t pretend it doesn’t exist and deny it. All of us should be set free and live to our heart’s content. 13.真正的童话故事, 不是王子遇见了公主从此过上了幸福的生活, 而是一个平庸的我,遇见了一个平庸的你, 我们愿意放下幻想,放弃标准,做一对相互依偎的狗, 因为此刻,我们只愿相互依偎,彼此忠诚 The real fairy tale isn’t that prince and princess live a happy life. Instead, it is about us. Once the ordinary you and I have met, we are willing to put behind our visionaries, discard our standards, and whole-heartedly become a pair of dogs snuggling against each other. At the moment, we only want to hug and stay loyal to each other. 14.你是那颗星星 我是你旁边的这颗星 我的整个轨迹是被你影响 即使有一天这颗星星熄灭了 它变成暗物质 它变成了看不见的东西 它依然在影响着我的轨迹 你的出现永远改变着 我的星轨 无论你在 哪里 You are this star I am the star next to you You influence my whole trajectory Even one day you diminish, Into ashes and dark matter, Into something invisible You still have a leverage over my trajectory Your appearance forever changes my trajectory, Wherever you go! 15.歧视不单单是永远对你恶语相向, 歧视也往往是在划分你我。 我宁愿爸妈蒙在所谓幸福的鼓里, 也不远让他们暴露在原野上,站在我的面前与万千猛兽为敌。 Discrimination is more than malicious talk. It is about making the distinction between you and me. I would rather my parents be kept inside a drum than have them exposed in the wildness, standing against herds of preying beasts in front of me. 16.女人想要的往往不是真相,而是她们想要的真相 What women really want is not truth, but the truth they like. 17.人生很吊诡的那个地方在于: 你往往很动心的那个时刻, 都是在你还没准备好的时候遇到。 当你准备好一切却很难找回当初动心的那个瞬间了。 The paradox in life is that most of time, when you have a crush on someone, you are not ready; when you get ready, you can hardly find the moment that once took your breath away. 18.选择我爱的人是给自己制造伤口, 选择爱我的人是给自己一副盔甲。 To choose a man I love is to create wounds for myself; to choose a man who loves me is to give myself a suit of armor. 19.当你没有上进心的时候 你是在杀人 你不小心,杀了自己的人生 When you entertain no ambition, You are killing yourself, You accidentally kill your own life. 20.“撑过去”是一种祝福和鼓励, 可是对于绝症病人来说,“撑下去”,真的是一种诅咒。 Normally, hanging on is a kind of blessing and encouragement. But for terminally ill patients, hanging on is really a curse. 21.第一等智慧的人都是自相矛盾的, 两个原则没有任何一个是对的, 只有在具体的时间和地点, 做出的唯一正好的判断,才是对的。 —中庸,是恰到好处 People with first-class wisdom are all paradoxical. Neither of the two principles is right. The only rightness is to make the correct judgement, at the specific time and place. Moderation is all about to the point. 22.奋斗不一定成功, 但是不奋斗真的好舒服。 Striving doesn’t necessarily lead to success, but giving up struggling is really comfortable. 23.如果你没有前几年坚持的能力, 你就没有后几年选择的权利。 If you don’t have the capacity to hang on in the first few years, you are not entitled with the rights for free choice in your latter years. 24.任何被世界玩弄的人, 都表现的玩世不恭。 Those fooled by the world always look cynical at the first sight. 25.靠谱的事情只是在模仿, 不靠谱的才能打上自己的烙印。 Reliable stuff are nothing but imitation. Only those unreliable are branded with unique marks. 26.美好的东西都会掺杂虚伪的成分。 比如小说是虚构的, 食物是加了作料才好美味的。 真实很冰冷,艺术需加工。 任何一样东西若是完完整整地呈现出来, 那样东西会很乏味,也很冰冷。 但如果经过我们加入虚拟的、虚幻元素过后, 那它就会变成美好的。 虚伪创造美。 All the beauty is mingled with hypocrisy. For example, interesting novels are fictional. Delicious food are seasoned. Truth is cold. Art needs embellishment. Everything, if undecorated, is very boring. But after we add some artificial, visionary elements, they become gorgeous. Hypocrisy creates beauty. 27.这么多年虚心纳谏的领导我是没见到过,虚心纳妾的到不少。 For the most time of my life, I have barely seen leaders humbly taking advice, but known many leaders taking concubines. 28.什么车需要备胎,破车, 什么人需要备选,烂人。 What kind of cars need spare tire? A broken car. What kind of people need a candidate lover? A loser. 29.动物之间所有的亲情都靠血缘, 而人类之间的亲情,还有可能是,恩义。 In the animal world, family ties are bonded by blood; but for human beings, besides that, there is spiritual gratitude. 30.用自己的故事,去改变别人的人生, 好容易导致别人的故事写错。 Using you own stories to change others’ life may easily lead to mistakes in other people’s life story.

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