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2017年6月六级考试真题参考答案(最全) ——作文——

作文(一) Suppose you are asked to give advice on whether to attend college at home or abroad, write an essay to state your opinion. You are required to write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.

参考范文 出国学习还是国内学习?
(描述现象)The past few years have witnessed a mounting number of Chinese students attending college abroad.(指出有争议)To this practice, people’s attitudes differ considerably. Some applaud it warmly whereas others criticize and even condemn it harshly.(我的观点)Personally, I believe that we should not go to extremes, for studying abroad has both advantages and disadvantages. (利)On the one hand, going to college abroad is beneficial in many ways.Most importantly, the general level of education abroad is higher than that at home. Secondly, studying abroad can broaden one’s horizon, which can also add to his or her edge of competition. (弊)On the other hand, studying abroad has some demerits. In the first place, tuition fees abroad are much higher than those at home, which might prove a grave burden on most families. In the second place, students may find it difficult to adapt to the environment abroad, especially when they are weak in the foreign language. (总结)Taking into consideration all the above-mentioned, we may come to the conclusion that studying abroad is a two-edged sword, which brings along both benefits and trouble. One should make his or her decision according to personal conditions. If he or she is not well prepared financially or has severe language barriers, he or she may well go to college at home. When time is ripe, he or she can choose to pursue graduate study abroad.

作文(二) Suppose you are asked to give advice on whether to major in science or humanities at college, write an essay to state your opinion. You are required to write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.

参考范文 文科还是理科?
When it comes to college life, there is a simple but thought-provoking question for all students: to major in science or humanities? Suppose individuals intend to acquire useful knowledge and find a well-paid job, it is advisable for them to choose to major in science. As the competition for jobs has become fiercer than ever today, students need to gain a higher education that can be immediately beneficial for their future job hunting. Therefore, by absorbing useful knowledge and mastering practical skills in science subjects, students can be well-armed during their college life. With a decent academic background, a bachelor’s or master’s degree, and strong practical skills, when science majors graduate and compete in the job market, they are likely to win an advantage over those majoring in humanities and be favored by some state-owned enterprises and international companies. I, as a college student, am convinced that it is advantageous for students to choose science as their major for their own benefits if they have an opportunity to make a choice.

作文(三) Suppose you are asked to give advice on whether to attend a vocational college or a university, write an essay to state your opinion. You are required to write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.

参考范文 职业学校还是大学?
Modern society has made job hunting more difficult than ever for college students, and many data have continually testified this tendency. Therefore, the question of whether to attend a vocational college or a university has become a sore spot for millions of high school graduates. From my perspective, the latter choice would definitely make more sense. Firstly, university education would play a more important role in preparing students for different future choices as many students cannot decide what they would like to do before finishing their four-year study. Moreover, with more majors, subjects, and courses to select from at universities, students would easily find their favorite subjects and their advantages. Even though a vocational college could help students find a job, it may hide some talent of a student by limiting his career choices and reducing the time for academic study. To summarize, students are highly recommended to choose university for further study in that it offers more knowledge and skills for various future choices and allows the time to discover one’s true talents.


翻译(一) 宋朝始于960年,一直延续到1279年。这一时期,中国经济大幅增长,成为世界上最先进的经济体,科学、技术、哲学和数学蓬勃发展。宋代中国是世界历史上首先发行纸币的国家。宋朝还最早使用火药并发明了活字(movable-type)印刷。人口增长迅速,越来越多的人住进城市,那里有热闹的娱乐场所。社会生活多种多样。人们聚集在一起观看和交易珍贵艺术品。宋朝的政府体制在当时也是先进的。政府官员均通过竞争性考试选拔任用。

参考译文 宋朝
The Song Dynasty began in 960 A.D. and lasted to 1279 A.D. During this period, Chinese economy grew enormously to become the most advanced economy in the world, along with the thriving of science, technology, philosophy and math. The China of the Song Dynasty was the first country in world history to issue paper currency. Also, the Song Dynasty was the first to use gunpowder, and it invented movable-type printing. Due to the fast growing population, an increasing number of people began to move into cities, where busy entertaining facilities were located to enrich social lives. People gathered together to appreciate and trade precious artworks. The government system of the Song Dynasty was also advanced at the time, and all government officials were selected and appointed by means of competitive tests.

翻译(二) 唐朝始于618年,终于907年,是中国历史上最灿烂的时期。经过近三百年的发展,唐代中国成为世界上最繁荣的强国,其首都长安是当时世界上最大的都市。这一时期,经济发达、商业繁荣、社会秩序稳定,甚至边境也对外开放。随着城市化和财富的增加,艺术和文学也繁荣起来。李白和杜甫是以作品简洁自然而著称的诗人。他们的诗歌打动了学者和普通人的心。即使在今天,他们的许多诗歌仍广为儿童及成人阅读背诵。

参考译文 唐朝
The Tang Dynasty began in 618 and ended in 907. It was the most splendid period in Chinese history. After around 300 years’ development, the China during the Tang Dynasty became the most prosperous power in the world. Its capital Chang’an was the biggest metropolis across the world at that time. During that period, its economy was developed, its commerce prosperous, its social order stable, and even its border was open to the outside world. With the urbanization and the increasing wealth, arts and literature flourished as well. Li Bai and Du Fu were poets famous for their concise and natural writing style, whose poems deeply moved scholars and folks. Even nowadays, many of their poems are widely read and recited by children and adults.

翻译(三) 明朝统治中国276年,被人们描绘成人类历史上治理有序、社会稳定的最伟大的时代之一。这一时期,手工业的发展促进了市场经济和城市化。大量商品,包括酒和丝绸,都在市场销售。同时,还进口许多外国商品,如时钟和烟草。北京、南京、扬州、苏州这样的大商业中心相继形成。也是在明代,由郑和率领的船队曾到印度洋进行了七次大规模探险航行。还值得一提的是,中国文学的四大名著中有三部写于明代。

参考译文 明朝
The Ming Dynasty, which ruled China for 276 years, is described as one of the greatest times in human history during which the society was orderly and stable. In this period, the development of handicraft contributed to market economy and urbanization. A great number of commodities including wine and silk were sold on the market. Meanwhile, a lot of foreign products like clocks and tobacco were imported. Large commercial centers like Beijing, Nanjing, Yangzhou and Suzhou started to form successively. It was also in the Ming Dynasty that a large fleet, led by Zheng He, made seven epic voyages to the Indian Ocean. It is also worth mentioning that three of the four great classical works in Chinese literature were written in the Ming Dynasty.


选词填空(一):一半大脑警觉 文章开头:Half of your brain stays alert and prepared for danger when you sleep in a new place

  1. K) referred
  2. O) volunteers
  3. M) specifically
  4. H) novel
  5. I) potential
  6. E) identified
  7. L) species
  8. G) marine
  9. B) consciously
  10. J) predators

选词填空(二):普渡大学 文章开头:After becoming president of Purdue University in 2013, Mitch Daniels asked the faculty to prove that …

  1. L) significant
  2. F) justify
  3. E) drastically
  4. D) doubtful
  5. H) outcome
  6. O) standardized
  7. B) confirm
  8. K) reputation
  9. C) demanding
  10. A) accurately

选词填空(三):独白 文章开头:Let’s all stop judging people who talk to themselves. … 26)focused 27)trigger 28)volunteers 29)instructed 30)sealed 31)uttering 32)apparently 33)brilliance 34)claiming 35)volume

信息匹配(一) Elite Math Competitions Struggle to Diversify Their Talent Pool [F] 36. Middle school is a crucial period when students may become keenly interested in advanced mathematics [A] 37. Elite school math competitions are attracting more interest throughout the United States. [I] 38. Math circles provide students with access to advanced-math training by university professors. [G] 39. Students may take advantage of online resources to learn to solve math problem. [L] 40. The summer program run by a nonprofit organization has helped many underserved students learn advanced math. [E] 41. Winners of local contests will participate in the national math competition for free. [J] 42. Many schools don’t place academic competitions at the top of their priority list. [B] 43.Contestants of elite high school math competitions are mostly Asian and white students from well-off families. [M] 44. Some math training programs primarily focus on raising students’ math scores. [H] 45. Some intensive summer programs are very expensive but most of them provide scholarships.

信息匹配(二) [G] 36. Working-class parents teach their children to be obedient and show respect to adults. [F] 37. American parents, whether rich or poor, have similar expectations of their children despite different ways of parenting. [C] 38. while rich parents are more concerned with their children’s psychological well-being, poor parents are more worried about their children’s safety. [D] 39. The increasing differences in child rearing between rich and poor families reflect growing social inequality. [G] 40. Parenting approaches of working-class and affluent families both have advantages. [M] 41. Higher-income families and working-class families tend to live in different neighborhoods. [K] 42. Physical punishment is used much less by well-educated parents. [H] 43. Ms. Lareau doesn’t believe participating in fewer after-class activities will negatively affect children’s development. [B] 44. Wealthy parents are concerned about their children’s mental health and busy schedules. [P] 45. Some socioeconomic differences in child rearing have shrunk in the past ten years.

信息匹配(三) [D] 36. A number of factors are driving down the global oil prices not just for now but in the foreseeable future. [L] 37. Pricing carbon proves the most economical way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. [J] 38. It is estimated that extreme weather conditions have endangered the lives of millions of African children. [E] 39. The prices of coal are low as a result of over-supply and decreasing demand. [H] 40. Higher fossil fuel prices prove to be conducive to innovation and application of cleaner technology. [A] 41. If fossil fuel prices remain low for a long time, it may lead to higher emissions of greenhouse gases. [G] 42. Fossil fuels remain the major source of primary energy consumption in today’s world. [F] 43. Even major fossil exporting countries have great potential to develop renewable energies. [O] 44. Greenhouse gas emissions, if not properly dealt with, will pose endless risks for mankind. [B] 45. It is urgent for governments to increase the cost of using fossil fuels to an appropriate level to lessen the catastrophic effects of climate change.


  1. B) They formulated a dress code with distinctive American features.
  2. D) It was a completely new invention.
  3. C) Ease of care
  4. A) A shift of emphasis from beauty to utility.
  5. C) They advocated equity between men and women.
  6. D)They have changed the previous migration habits of certain birds.
  7. D)They are more likely to be at risk of dying
  8. B)They may eat something harmful.
  9. C)They are not attracted to the rubbish dumps on their migration routes.
  10. A)The potential harm to the ecosystem.


  1. D) Open data sharing is conducive to scientific advancement.
  2. A) Opposed.
  3. C) The belief that research data is private intellectual property.
  4. C) The changing attitude of journals and funders.
  5. B) benefits sharers and users alike
  6. A) It is attributable to the rising value of the U.S. dollar.
  7. B) They cannot be attributed to weather only.
  8. D) reduce the size of its staff
  9. D) To be more competitive in sales of beauty products.
  10. A) Sales dropped sharply in its physical stores.


  1. A. It is backed by a campus spending analysis.
  2. B. Facilities management by colleges is more cost-effective.
  3. C. render a number of campus workers jobless.
  4. A. The outsourcing plan is not yet finalized.
  5. D. He opposed the governor’s plan to reconstruct the college board system.
  6. B. It was unaffordable for ordinary people.
  7. C. They were versed in literature and interested in art.
  8. D. They gained some knowledge of classical art and architecture.
  9. B. Europe hardly had any museums before the 19th century.
  10. A. There appeared more and more Roman-style buildings.


Long Conversation 1 Q1: B Having friendly colleagues Q2: B 20% Q3: A those of a small size Q4: C They can better balance work and life Long conversation 2 Q5: D. It is a collection of photos. Q6: C. When taking pictures for a concert catalogue. Q7: A. The entire European coastline will be submerged. Q8: D. Tourists use wooden paths to reach their hotels in the morning. Passage 1 Q9: C they spend too much time anticipating their defeat Q10:D Thinking has the same effect on the nervous system as doing Q11:C Picture themselves succeeding Q12:B She won her first jury trail Passage 2 Q13: C It helps people to avoid developing breast cancer Q14: D It tracked their eating habits since their adolescence Q15: A Fiber may help to reduce hormones in the body Lecture 1 Q16: B Conducting research on consumer behaviour Q17:D It is an act of socialisting Q18:A They spent a week studying their own purchasing bahaviour. Lecture 2 Q19: D It is likely to give up paper money in the near future Q20:C whether the absence of physical currency causes a person to spend more Q21:C the restaurant car accepted cash only Q22:A By putting money into envelopes Lecture 3 Q23: B Chrome hunger Q24: B About half of them are unintended Q25: A It is essential to the wellbeing of all species on earth

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