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  1. Every year, (百万)of people donate money to the Hope Project.

  2. I will be happy if Sandy (接受)my offer.

  3. I’ve never (后悔)the decision to work in WestChina.

  4. He has a special (能力)to write with two hands at the same time.


1.一I find the game without Kobe Bryant boring.

一I don’t agree. One player cannot make a (队).

  1. There is an (空的)bottle on the road. Everyone should be careful.

  2. It’s a good idea to give your father a (夹克衫)as a gift on June 19, Father’s Day.

4.一Where shall we go for the summer outing, Daniel?

一I can’t (记得)exactly, maybe somewhere near Babulo Valley.

  1. If everyone thinks about pollution and recycling, we can protect the air and help(救)our world.


  1. Please keep (安静)when you are in a library.

  2. Do you need to (讨论)the problem in groups?

  3. Students should answer questions loudly and (清楚地)in class.

  4. Jack looked through the (介绍)about the book before he decided to buy it.


  1. In the USA, people eat with (刀) and forks.

  2. I left my book at home. May I borrow (你的)?

  3. You must look at the traffic lights before you go (穿过)the road.

  4. It rained (大)on my way home yesterday of ternoon.

  5. The (越早)kids learn to be independent, the better it is for their future.


  1. Be polite, Henry. It’s rude to (指向)at others like that.

  2. Reading is important, for it can open up an (未知的)world to us.

  3. To my surprise, the 3-year-old boy can spell all those words (正确地).

  4. Sue always has great (勇气)to face difficulties and that’s why we all respect her.


1.一Come on, Sandy. Everybody will be lucky or (成功的)sometime in their life.

一Thanks, I’ll try again.

  1. Flight 846 (降落)safely ten minutes ago with 300 passengers.

3.Researchers say temperatures in North Africa will continue (上升)this summer.

  1. On his way back home, Frank lost his wallet because of his (粗心).


  1. After you argue with your parents you must (交流)with them and explain why you did that.

  2. It rained three days. The bad weather made me (不舒服的).

  3. No matter what difficult problems we meet, please face them (勇敢地).

  4. Daniel did the exercises too (粗心)and it made his teacher very angry.

  5. Jim lives at next door. We are (邻居).


  1. John is interested in (化学).

  2. It’s good to have a (健康的)eating habit.

  3. His father always (鼓励)him to face the failure bravely.

  4. The Blacks are going to have their garden (浇水)this weekend.


  1. Tom is a good friend of (我的).

  2. A big (博物馆)will be built in Nanchong next year.

  3. You can’t get to school on time (除非)you get up early.

  4. There is a (医学的)college in Nanchong.


  1. They are busy (准备)for the picnic on Sunday.

  2. Our school is ready to (募集)money for the old people in the poor mountains area.

  3. If you want to speak English well, you need to have (谈话)as much as possible with your friend.

  4. About 200, 000 (游客)came to Tai’erzhuang Ancient Town during May 1 holidays. It’s difficult to believe.

  5. He was a (可爱的)little boy.


  1. Everest is a natural (奇迹).Many people expect to explore it.

  2. There are three months in spring, including March, April and (五月).

  3. With the development of science and technology, more and more (机器人)are used in factories.

  4. Drinking tea is a (传统的)custom in China.

  5. Most drivers in Suqian are (礼貌的)enough to let people walk across the street first.


1.January and (二月)are the coldest months in Beijing.

  1. The Party members should be (严格的)with themselves.

  2. A true friend (伸手)for your hand and touches your heart.

4.In my hometown, there was a big old tree (在……对面)our school.

5.I (相信)that a better environment can be created in Binzhou and we should work together to make it come true.


  1. We often borrow novels and (杂志)from our school library.

  2. Some young students like (电子的)books better than paper books.

  3. Mr. Li is (解释)to us how to organize our ideas according to the type of writing.

4.Good chances always hide (某处)around us, waiting for careful people to find them.

  1. Changes of price in the 1990s (标志)the beginning of the fast development age of TV.


1.Reading on mobile phones does (伤害)to your eyes.

2.It might be cold and (湿润的)in Hong Kong in January.

3.Students are encouraged to discuss (自由地) about what they think.


1.Tu Youyou won China’s first Nobel Prize in Medicine in (十月), 2015.

2.The (人口)of China may increase fast because of the second-child policy(政策).

3.The (直达的)flight from Yangzhou and Taizhou to Korea was opened on April 8, 2016.

4.One Belt, One Road(一带一路) is helpful for the development of the (国际的)trade.


1.Although you are young, you can (仍然)make the world beautiful in your own way.

2.Our government has made laws to has made laws to (限制)air and water pollution.

  1. The artist always (表达)his world view in his works.

  2. Now is the time for all jazz (迷)voices to be heard.

  3. As the saying goes, "God helps those who help (他们自己).”

  4. Early this morning I was busy (挖)in the garden to plant trees.

  5. Toni Morrison is considered as one of the best writers of the (第二十)century.


  1. I’ve finally realized why my grandpa loves drinking tea and (收集)tea sets.

  2. With the spread of Chinese culture, Chinese is (广泛地)used in the world.

  3. Doctors say that too much pressure is not good for a child’s (发展).

  4. The headmaster (回答)to me after I wrote to him about my problems yesterday.


  1. Yang Jiang (翻译)many foreign books into Chinese in her life. Among them, Don Quijote(《堂·吉诃德》)is the most famous one.

  2. Grandma went to the market and bought some meat, eggs and (西红柿)for lunch.

  3. Wolong Nature Reserve is in Sichuan Province, the (西部)of China. Travelers can watch giant pandas there.

  4. Paul is an excellent student at school. His performance always (使……满意)us.

5.With the development of society, people are used to searching for the (最新的)information on the Internet.


  1. John likes milk and (面包)for breakfast.

  2. I am (饥饿的), could you please give me something to eat?

  3. Of the four (季节), I like summer best because I like swimming a lot.

4.一Do you know my new friend Dale?

一I think I know him. He often (抽烟)heavily.

  1. The old man lives (独自).So he feels lonely. Let’s go to visit him.


  1. Mike never tells lies. He is an (诚实的)boy.

  2. The Spring Festival is a holiday for (亲戚)and families together.

  3. Boys and girls, I hope all of you enjoy (你们自己)during the summer vacation.

  4. More than 200 local languages are (说)in our country.

  5. Which (科目)do you like best, Chinese, English or math?


  1. Parents always try to (提供)a comfortable environment for their children.

  2. Mark does his homework (认真地)every day.

3.Mother thinks it is a (浪费)of time to play computer games.

  1. Jack has brown hair and he doesn’t wear (眼镜).

  2. Today is Mary’s (十二岁)birthday. We will go to her birthday party.


  1. Li Ming usually acts (明智地)when he is in trouble.

2.You don’t forget to (带来)your homework to school next week.

  1. The green (瓶子)is very beautiful and it is Emily’s.

  2. I like listening to the music because it makes me (放松的).

  3. Could you help me (倒出)some orange juice into the glass?


  1. Online shopping saves a lot of time because people don’t have to (等待)in line.

2.The Silk Road is a (桥梁)for trade and culture exchange between China and other countries.

  1. The decision to set up a No Homework Day every week is (欢迎)by all students.

  2. In his (演讲),he mentioned the Chinese Character Dictation Contest(汉字听写大赛)several times.


  1. I see no light and hear no sound (除……之外)the wind that far away.

  2. He lives on the (八)floor, two floors above me.

  3. This piece of music is worth (听)to once more.

  4. As a great (发明家), Thomas Edison made a difference to our life.

  5. I’m dreaming of a white (圣诞节)just like the ones I used to know.


  1. Look at the statue. It has stood here for one ( a period of 100 years).

  2. Thomas Edison is one of the greatest ( a person who has invented something) in the world.


(一)1. millions 2. accepts 3. regretted 4. ability

(二)1. team 2. empty 3. jacket 4.remember 5. (to) save

(三)1. quiet 2. discuss 3. clearly 4.introduction

(四)1. knives 2.yours 3. across 4.heavily 5.earlier

(五)1.point 2.unkown 3.correctly 4.courage

(六)1.successful 2.landed 3.rising 4.carelessness

(七)1.communicate 2.uncomfortable 3.bravely 4. carelessly 5.neighbors

(八)1.chemistry 2.healthy 3.encourages 4.watered

(九)1.mine 2.museum 3.unless 4.medical

(十)1.preparing 2.raise 3.conversations 4.visitors 5.lovely

(十一)1.wonder 2.May 3.robots 4.traditional 5.polite

(十二)1.February 2.strict 3.reaches 4.opposite 5.believe

(十三)1.magazines 2.electronic 3.explaining 4.somewhere 5.marked

(十四)1.harm 2.wet 3.freely

(十五)1.October 2.population 3.direct 4.international

(十六)1.still 2.limit 3.expresses 4.fans’5.themselves 6.digging 7.twentieth

(十七)1.collecting 2.widely 3.development 4.replied

(十八)1.translated 2.tomatos 3.west 4.satifies 5.latest/up-to-date

(十九)1.bread 2.hungry 3.seasons 4.smokes 5.alone

(二十)1.honest 2.relatives 3.yourselves 4.spoken 5.subject

(二十一)1.provide 2.carefully 3.waste 4.glasses 5.twelfth

(二十二)1.wisely 2.bring 3.bottle 4.relaxed 5.pour

(二十三)1.wait 2.bridge 3.welcomed 4.speech

(二十四)1.except/but 2.eighth 3.listening 4.inventor 5.Christmas

(二十五)1.century 2.inventors

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