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雅思写作中文化类话题比较难,对于词汇搭配和地道使用都有高要求。以下词句来源于英文原版文章,帮你摒弃中式英语。 一、文化类表示观点的句型 1.… play safe investing in property developments in Russia’s big cities and avoid the North Caucasus. (中国投资者应该)在俄罗斯的大城市的房产业进行稳健的投资,并且避开北高加索地区。 2.it would be sensible to suggest that they are interrelated and interdependent in this age of globalization. 当今全球化,他们连为一体,相互依靠。 3.we should take advantage of international cooperation to make contribution to our society. 我们应该利用好全球合作,贡献我们的社会。 4.the international business and world environment protection can be win-win. 国际贸易和环境保护可以双赢。 5.the international cooperation is supposed to promote well. 国际合作应该更加推广。 6.Languages develop over thousands of years but they can be lost in a generation. 语言的发展经历数千年,但却可能在一代间就消失了。 7.Languages are judged to be at risk if there is a combination of few speakers and little enthusiasm or support for learning. 如果语言使用者很少,又没有多少学习热情或对此种语言的支持,这种语言就会被判定为处于危险当中了。

二、文化类结果句型 1.As a consequence, every country involved in the partnership should establish some reasonable goals to control the pollution. 所以,有合作关系的国家要建立合理的目标去控制污染。 2.The international cooperation boots international business, which are conductive to people enjoying the commodities in other countries. 全球合作促进经济合作,各国互惠。 3.The international cooperation produces obvious benefits in a short term, while the profits in environment protection need a long time to demonstrate obviously. 国际合作短期内有效,但环保是一个长期的过程。 4.As a consequence, people are easy to associate it with business and they tend to define the international cooperation as commerce exclusively. 所以,人们很容易联想到经济,他们极端的把全球合作定义成经济。 5.She had been losing her sight in recent years and was unable to converse with anyone in her own language since the other surviving Bo speaker died several years ago. 近些年来她已失明,而且自从其他说Bo语的存活者都在几年前去世了之后,她便不能够用她自己的语言和任何人进行交谈。 6.Skordis and Constantinou held a workshop with a group of Samis, an indigenous Norwegian minority group that succeeded in rescuing its own endangered language. 斯科迪士和康斯坦迪诺协同一群萨米人(挪威本地的少数民族)开办了一间工作坊,成功营救了濒危语种。

三、文化类比较句型 1.Contemporary art, usually one of the first sectors to suffer from a downturn, saw sales fall compared with the previous year. But the decline was small given the state of the world economy. 在衰退时,当代艺术品往往最先受到波及的产业之一,与此前一年相比销售额下降。但是考虑到世界经济的现状,这种下滑是微不足道的。 2.Instead of the traditional art academy, where students imitated historical paintings and recreated tired archetypes of beauty, he conceived of a place where painters, sculptors, architects and designers worked together in experimental laboratories. 不同于传统艺术院校中学生临摹历史画作和重复创造令人厌烦的模式化的美,格罗佩斯设想能有一个地方,让画家、雕塑家、建筑师和设计者在实验室里共同工作。 3.Casual workers ― who get jobs at times and remain unpaid at other times ― account for 30%, while only 10% of the working population are regular employees. 一些临时工,时而有工作,时而没有的这些人占了30%。而只有10%的工作人口是固定工。 4.Although India’s manufacturing and service sectors have been growing faster than agriculture for many years, they failed to wean people from agriculture at the necessary pace, leading to lopsided employment distribution. 虽然印度的工业和服务行业在很多年里都超越了农业的发展,可是人们还是没有能够及时从农业里面抽身出来,最终导致了就业人口分配不匀。 5.As of 2007, just over 50% of total employment in India was associated with agriculture, while industry accounted for around 20% and services 30%. 在2007年,印度的劳动力里面50%都和农业有关而和工业有关的只有20%,服务行业的30%。 6.The number of people still engaged in agriculture in India doesn’t compare too favourably with its emerging market peers. 印度务农人员的人数和它快速发展的市场经济实在不匹配。    四、文化类举例句型

  1. However, less likely candidates appear on the list: Welsh is still “vulnerable” but is growing in strength due to support from the devolved Welsh Assembly and renewed interest after decades of apathy from much of the population. 然而,一些不大可能候选者也出现在名单当中:威尔士语仍旧是“脆弱语种”,经受了大众几十年的冷淡,由于得到了被移交的威尔士议会的支持以及复兴的利益,威尔士语的力量正在增强。

2.This kind of work can throw up nice surprises. Sometimes you say a language is dead and you get an angry phone call from someone saying “That’s not dead, my uncle speaks it!” which is partly the point of this work. 这项工作常会带来惊喜。有时候你说一种语言已经灭绝了然后你就会接到一通愤怒的电话说:“才没灭绝呢,我叔叔还在说!”这也就是这项工作的一部分意义所在。

3.Among them, around 150 are critical and the number of living speakers has fallen to single figures or just one. Healthy languages such as English, Spanish or Chinese, are excluded. 在这其中有大约150种语言处于危险境地,活着的使用者已降到了个位数,甚至只有一位。而健康的语言,例如英语、西班牙语和英语,被排除在这之外。

4.Some museums are looking at ways to diversify income and add value to their existing services, with 69% of respondents planning to concentrate on generating more income over the next year and 62% increasing their fundraising activity.(BBC) 一些博物馆正在寻找方法,使自己的收入多样化,并为已有服务增加附加价值,其中69%受访馆计划在下一年赚取更多的收入,而62%的博物馆则表示要增加筹款活动。

5.They struggle in many ways with issues such as cultural property, repatriation and the exhibition of human remains(Guardian) 博物馆正以多种途径关注多个问题,如文化财产、遣送以及人类遗迹展览。

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