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Portable devices Buddy, can you spare a watt? Trading power could free users from dead-battery tyranny

便携式设备:亲,可以给点电吗? 电量实现可交易化或助用户不再受无电之苦

ONE of the most annoying features of smartphones is that they run out of power just when you need it most. After a day of e-mailing, streaming music, downloading podcasts, watching cat videos and snapping selfies, a device can easily be left without enough charge to make an emergency call. What would help, reckons Paul Worgan of the University of Bristol, in England, is to give portable devices the ability to share some of their power. NOTES: 1、tyranny n.暴虐,专横;暴君统治 2、streaming music 流式音乐 stream v.流播,无需待整个文件下载到计算机便可播放 流媒体:streaming media 3、podcast 播客,类似于中国的喜马拉雅,听外国播客节目可以用pocket casts 4、snap v.(使喀嚓)断裂,绷断;(infml)拍照

5、charge n.[C,U](电池或带电物质的)充电量,电荷 6、reckon v.(infml, esp.BrE)想,认为(to think sth or have an opinion about sth)


Mr Worgan and his colleagues have come up with a wireless-charging system which they call PowerShake. To use it someone holds a phone with an expiring battery against another device—a phone, or even a smartwatch or a fitness band—and this initiates a power transfer from one to the other. Some 12 seconds of contact provides enough juice to make a one-minute telephone call. One minute of contact would allow, say, a four minute music video to be watched. The researchers will present their idea to CHI2016, a conference on computer-human interaction, in San Jose, California, in May. NOTES: 1、expire v.(文件、协议等)(因到期而)失效,终止,到期;(文学)死亡,故去 an expiring battery 这里expiring取拟人意,替换小标题的dead-battery eg.He had lived illegally in the US for five years after his visitor’s visa expired. 2、initiate v.(fml)开始(to make sth begin) 3、juice n.(NAmE, infml)电

沃根和他的同事开发出一种无线充电系统,他们称之为 PowerShake。使用时只需将快没电的手机放在另一个设备——一部手机,甚至是一块智能手表、健康手环——的旁边,之后,电量传输就开始了。充电12秒之后,便有足够的电量打一分钟的电话。充电一分钟,就可以,比方说,看四分钟的音乐视频。研发人员打算在人机交互会议 CHI2016 上展示他们的想法,该会议将于五月在加利福利亚州的圣何塞市举行。

Wireless charging of mobile devices is not new. Many smartphones and watches can be placed on a charging mat, allowing an alternating magnetic field from a slim copper coil in the mat to induce a current in another coil inside the device to charge its battery. There are two dominant standards: Qi, from an industry body called the Wireless Power Consortium, and PMA, named after its originator, the Power Matters Alliance. Both have big backers: Star- bucks, for instance, is building PMA-based chargers into its coffee-shop tables. IKEA is building Qi chargers into bedside tables and desk-lamp bases. Samsung’s Galaxy S6 smartphone supports both formats. NOTES: 1、slim a.苗条的;薄的,少的 eg.a slim volume of poetry a slim chance of success 2、coil v.(使)盘绕 n.线圈 3、induce v.(fml)诱使,劝说;(fml)引起,导致

4、format n.总体的安排、计划、设计等;(出版物的)版式,开本;(计)格式

实现移动设备无线充电这个想法并不新鲜。很多智能手机和手表都可以被放置在一个充电垫上,充电垫里的铜线圈可以产生磁场,使设备中的铜线圈产生电流,进行充电(利用的电磁感应原理,磁生电)。目前有两项无线充电标准在市场上占主导地位:Qi,来自名为无线充电联盟(Wireless Power Consortium)的工业组织,以及 PMA ,取自其发起者电力联盟(Power Matters Alliance)之名。这两项无线充电标准均有大规模应用:比如星巴克,就正在将基于 PMA 标准的充电装置安装至其咖啡店桌子之上。宜家家居(IKEA)将基于Qi标准的充电装置安在床头桌和台灯座上。而三星的盖世s6手机两种标准均支持。

Initially, the Bristol team have opted to customise the Qi coil for PowerShake experiments. They cannot use the existing Qi format because it is not designed for inductive charging next to human skin. So, to conform to international regulations, they are looking at including a ferrite and copper shield between the coil and someone’s skin, which is necessary on devices like a fitness band or smartwatch. NOTES: 1、opt v.选择(~ for/ against sth | ~ to do sth) 2、customise v.个性化设置 3、inductive a.归纳法的,归纳的;(物理)电感应的 induction n.归纳法;(物理)电磁感应 deduction n.推理,演绎

最初,布里斯托大学的团队选择为 PowerShake 的试验品特别设置Qi线圈。他们无法使用现有的Qi格式,因为它的设计没有将在人体旁产生电流这一因素考虑进去。所以,为了遵守国际标准,他们设计了一种用铁酸盐和铜做成的护罩,放在线圈与人体之间,对于像健康手环和智能手表这样的设备很有必要。

In testing their idea out, however, the researchers ran into a less technical problem. Some people said they were reluctant to offer their precious battery charge to others. A form of inducement might help. Vassilis Kostakos, a computer scientist at Oulu Uni- versity in Finland, says one answer is cash. Anticipating the arrival of technologies like PowerShake, Mr Kostakos and his colleagues set up an auction for device power with 22 volunteers. The results, also due to be released at CHI2016, showed people wanted €1.76 ($2.00) to sell 10% of their device’s power when their battery was fully charged, but €4.41 to offload 10% when the charge had depleted to 20%. On average, 10% of device power sold for €2.22. Of course, if you appear desperate to see that cat video, the price may go up. NOTES: 1、in 这里的意思表示“做……时,……发生时,当……时”,词性为介词 2、reluctant a.不情愿的 3、inducement n.引诱,刺激,诱因(to sb)(something that is given to sb to persuade them to do sth) 4、auction n.拍卖 5、due:形容词 due to sth/sb 由于,因为 due to do sth 预定,预期,预计 6、offload v.减轻(负担),卸(包袱) unload v.卸货 eg.(1)They should stop offloading waste from oil tankers into the sea. (2)The truck driver was waiting to unload.

然而,研发人员在测试想法的过程中,却遇到了技术之外的问题。一些人表示他们不太愿意把他们宝贵的电量借给别人。有个激励形式可能有所帮助。芬兰奥卢大学计算机科学家瓦西利斯·科斯塔科斯(Vassilis Kostakos)认为,一种可行的方式是进行交易。寄希望于像PowerShake这样的技术,科斯塔科斯和他的同事召集22名志愿者,建立了一个设备电量拍卖会。结果——也将会在CHI2016会议上发布——显示当电量满格时,人们愿意以1.76欧元(2美元)出售10%的电量,但当电量为20%时,出售10%的电量就要价4.41欧元了。平均下来,10%的电量售价为2.22欧元。当然,如果你显得特别想看那个猫咪视频的话,价格还会更高。

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