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文化类: 1.文化多元化:cultural diversity 2.文化冲突:cultural conflict 3.跨文化交流:cross-cultural communication 4.文化传统:cultural traditions 5.弘扬民族文化:carry forward national culture 6.文化差异性:cultural differences 7.文化全球化:cultural globalization 8.跨文化交流:cross-cultural communication 9.融合交汇:integration and interaction

教育类: 1.培养想象力:nurture imagination 2.丰富某人知识:enrich one’s knowledge 3.开阔视野:widen horizon 4.激发兴趣:inspire/stimulate interest 5.发展/激发潜力:develop/stimulate potential 6.为将来打下坚实的基础:lay a solid foundation for the future 7.对将来的发展有益:benefit future development 8.扩大知识面:expand one’s knowledge 9.学术诚信:academic integrity 10.有理想、有道德、有文化、有纪律:with lofty ideals, integrity, knowledge and a strong sense of discipline 11.从学习中获得乐趣:derive pleasure from one’s studies 12.把学习放在第一位:place the study ahead of anything else

必备素材句: 1.在我看来,文化多样性对国家的发展和繁荣至关重要。 In my view, multi-cultures are extremely vital in ensuring a community’s future development and prosperity. 2.经济全球化带来的不仅有机遇,也有严峻的挑战,中国传统文化面临前所未有的冲击。 Economic globalization brings not only opportunities for development but also challenges. Chinese traditional culture is now experiencing unprecedented shock. 3.中国古老的文化是人类文明的伟大财富之一。 The ancient culture of China is one of the great treasures of human civilization. 4.随着世界各国间交流的增多,我们迫切需要学习不同的文化知识。 With increased interaction between the world’s nations, there is a great urgency for us to absorb different cultures. 5.中国传统文化不仅一定可以继续存在下去,而且一定会繁荣发展。 Chinese traditional culture is not only certain to survive, but, in fact, is destined to thrive and prosper. 6.教育对我们的生活至关重要,国家的可持续发展和繁荣昌盛依赖于对年轻一代的教育和培养。 It goes without saying that education plays an irreplaceable role in our life. The sustainable development and prosperity of a nation depends largely on its cultivation and nourishment of young generation.

经济生活词汇及素材必备词汇: 1.以经济建设为中心:focusing on the central task of economic construction 2.当地经济发展的支柱:a pillar of local economic development 3.加强国际竞争力:sharpen the international competitiveness 4.加快/促进发展:accelerate/advance/enhance the development 5.人民生活改善:the improvement in people’s living conditions 6.国民经济正在迅速发展:there has been a rapid expansion of national economy 7.生活水平提高:raise/elevate the living standard,have a higher standard of living,live on a higher plane 8.促进经济体制和经济增长方式的转变:promote fundamental shifts in the economic system and mode of economic growth

必备素材句: 1.越来越多的假冒伪劣产品严重地阻碍了我国市场经济的发展。消费者必须经常谨慎地去购买他们所需的货物或服务,否则他们会落入制假人所设的陷阱。 There are more and more fake and inferior products seriously hampering the expansion of our market economy. Consumers have to be very careful in purchasing goods and services they need; otherwise they will fall into the traps set by the illegal manufacturers who make fake 2.我们生活在一个充满挑战的新时代,科技使竞争比以往更加激烈。 We’re living in a new and challenging time, in which technology has made competition fiercer than ever before. 3.发达的经济和跨国企业能帮助发展中国家分享全球化带来的益处。 Advanced economics and multinational corporations could help developing nations to share in the benefits ofglobalization. 4.旅游业可以促进经济繁荣,而且借机可以向其他国家传播我们的文化。 Tourism boosts our economy and we get a chance to spread our culture to different countries. 5.广告鼓励产品质量竞争和产品革新。 Advertisement enriches the competition in quality and product innovation. 6.科学的发展从某种程度上缩小了发达国家和发展中国家的差距。 To some extent, the development of science has contributed to narrow the technology-gap between the developed countries and the developing countries.

环境保护词汇及素材必备词汇: 1.污染:pollution 2.垃圾、废物:garbage/waste/trash 3.丢弃:throw/discard 4.保护环境:protect/preserve the environment 5.丰富的自然资源:abundant natural resources 6.可持续发展:sustainable development 7.环境恶化:deterioration of environment 8.提高人们环境意识:raise people’s awareness of the environment

必备素材句: 1.我们必须重视保护自然资源。 Particular emphasis should be put on the preservation of natural resources. 2.任何变化都会影响我们的生活和环境。 Any change will affect our life and our environment. 3.必须制定一系列的环境保护条例。 A series of environment protection rules and regulations need to be laid down. 4.有关部门需要制定更多的法规,并将其贯彻实施,以惩罚破坏环境的行为。另外,人们应该共同努力,来创建一个可持续的环境。 More regulations should be made and carried out by authorities concerned to punish environmental damage. In addition, individuals must work in joint efforts to create sustainable surroundings. 5.我认为,人类必须认识到自己是自然的一部分,自然的毁灭也意味着人类自身的灭亡。 I harbor the idea that it is of vital importance for people to realize that they are an integral part of nature, the destruction of which means the perishing of themselves. 6.世界上越来越多的人认识到加强环境保护的必要性。 There is a growing worldwide awareness of the need for strengthened environmental protection. 7.环保的路仍然很长,因为在所有的人自主地具有环保意识并在日常生活中去实践以前,环保还需要时间去渗透于生活之中。 There is still a long way to go for environmental conservation, since it needs time to sink in life before all the people autonomously have the awareness of protecting environment and apply it into routine life.

人生哲理词汇及素材必备词汇: 1.毅力:willpower/persistence 2.经得住挑战:withstand challenges 3.有进取心的:aggressive 4.精力充沛的:energetic 5.进取精神:striving spirit 6.心胸开阔:open-mindedness 7.增长见识:widen one’s knowledge 8.创新:innovation 9.自信心:self-confidence 10.雄心壮志:ambition

必备素材句: 1.我们应该具有积极的态度,并且表现自信。只有这样,我们才能克服我们面对的困难,过幸福的生活。 We should embrace positive attitudes and behave confidently. Only in this way can we crack down the difficulties confronting us successfully and lead a happy life. 2.我们应当始终把“没有付出就没有收获”当作工作学习的座右铭。只有那些努力工作,不畏困难的人才能到达成功的顶峰。 To begin with, “No pains, no gains” should always be our motto in our life and work. Only those who are hard-working and brave enough to encounter difficulties of all sorts are most likely to reach the summit of success. 3.学习生活中我们肯定会遇到一些挫折。但一定要勇于面对,三思而后行。成功是一个过程,需要一步步地去实现。谚语说的好“罗马不是一天建成的”。简言之,努力工作的精神和面对现实的态度是通往成功的关键。 In terms of our life, work and study, we will meet lots of trials. We must always face reality and have a second thought before we make our final decision. Success is also a process and needs to be realized step by step. As a proverb goes “Rome was not built within a day”. In short, hard-working spirit and a realistic attitude lead to success. 4.无论在何种环境下我们都应该保持乐观。在生命中,我们必然会经历和面对很多困难,为了实现目标,我们应该积极而不是消极地解决问题。 We should keep optimistic no matter what kinds of circumstance we undergo. In the course of life, we are bound to experience and encounter a variety of difficulties. In order to achieve our goals, we should tackle the obstacles in a positive way rather than in a negative way. 5.年轻人只有经历更多的逆境,才能磨练出坚强的个性以及形成未来发展所需要的能力,也只有这样他们才能在这个竞争变化的世界最终取得成功。 Only by undergoing more adversities can young people develop strong personality and ability needed in the future, and only in this way can they eventually become winners in our competitive changing world. 6.在人生的道路上,我们不能仅仅满足于一两次的成功,而只有不断地追求,我们才能够取得进步和发展。 On the way of life, we shouldn’t focus merely on one or two success. Only through persistent pursuit can we be able to make progress and development. 7.坚持是我们保持精神向上的不可或缺的驱动力,并且能够帮助我们完成自己的学习和工作。 Persistence functions as an indispensable driving force to keep up our spirit and to assist us to fulfill our study and work. 8.事实上,只有那些努力的、勇敢的人才能克服各种困难,才更有可能摘得成功的桂冠。 In fact, only those who are hard-working and brave enough to encounter obstacles of all sorts are most likely to reach the summit of success.

运动健康词汇及素材必备词汇: 1.身体、心理上的:physically/ psychologically 2.营养不良:malnutrition 3.健康的,精力充沛的:healthy; energetic/vigorous 4.疲倦的:tired/exhausted/worn out 5.体育精神:sportsmanship 6.首要目标:primary goal 7.参与运动:be involved with sports 8.大众健康:public health 9.平衡饮食:balanced diet 10.垃圾食品:junk food 11.减肥:lose weight 12.吃绿色/有机食品:eat green/organic food 13.过健康的生活:lead a healthy life 14.提高生活质量:improve the quality of life 15、在日常生活中培养健康的习惯:cultivate/develop healthy habits in daily life

必备素材句: 1.运动对于强身健体是必要的。 Exercise is necessary to strengthen the body. 2.大多数的人都在努力的拥有成功的工作和婚姻。然而,最近大家也开始意识到健康的重要性,因为越来越多的人都开始知道健康是我们做任何事情的第一步。 Most people make as much effort as they can to achieve their own success in many aspects such as their work or families. Yet, in recent years being healthy has been an issue which attracts much attention from the public because people in growing numbers have realized that physical health is the first thing they shall focus on. 3.近年来,中国人开始更多地参与各式各样的健身运动。同时中国政府也开始修建更多的设施提供给大家来进行锻炼。 In recent years, Chinese people are more willing than before to take part in various games or sports to be bodily strong. Meanwhile, the government has been constructing more facilities available for more people. 4.整个中国都处在这样的一种氛围中,那就是大家在享受着运动带来的快乐。 All China is in such an atmosphere where people enjoy the bliss of taking exercises. 5.现在大家都知道,保持一种积极的生活方式在日常生活中至关重要。只有照顾好自己,我们才有可能在工作中、在心爱的家庭里、在社会上扮演好各种角色,成为自己努力想要成为的人。 We all know by now that maintaining an active lifestyle should be one of our top priorities in life. Only by taking care of ourselves do we stand a chance of being the kind of person we strive to be in the job, at home with our loved ones and in our communities. 6.每天锻炼对于我们保持健康也是必不可少的。当然,我们并不需要筋疲力尽。要根据自身实际情况规划体育锻炼。 Exercising every day is also essential for us to stay healthy. Of course we don’t need to exhaust ourselves. We should plan our physical exercises according to our actual condition. 7.拥有健康体魄的人可以精力充沛、充满自信地开展工作,反过来有助于他们的健康和幸福。相反,一个生病的人通常缺乏活力和兴趣去实现生活中所扮演的角色,这剥夺了他或她很多成功和幸福的机会。 People with good health can do work with full energy and confidence and their progress in turn contributes to their health and happiness. On the contrary, a sick one usually lacks the vigor and interest to fulfill his or her role in life, which deprives him or her of many opportunities to become successful and happy. 8.对大多数人来说,想要保持健康的第一步是少吃垃圾食品,均衡饮食。 Eating less junk food and having a balanced diet is the first step to remain healthy for most people.

道德伦理词汇及素材必备词汇: 1.虚假承诺:false promise 2.社会道德:social morality 3.社会公德:social virtue 4.躲避责任:shrink from responsibilities 5.道德缺失:lack of moral sense 6.追求经济利益:in pursuit of economic benefits 7.忽视努力工作:ignore hard word 8.缺乏社会意识:lack of social consciousness 9.信任危机:the crisis of trust 10.不道德行为:immoral behaviors

必备素材句: 1.每个人都有责任去关爱他人。 It is our important duty to take care of/ help others. 2.从个人角度看,每个人,尤其是在困境中时,都需要别人的帮助或关爱,以满足身心发展的需求。 From the personal angel, every human has the need of being taken care of/helped/understood/encouraged in order to meet his physical and mental requirements/ to get healthy physical and mental development, especially when he is in trouble. 3.从社会角度看,一个重视并倡导无私奉献精神的社会才能使公民快乐生活。 From the social perspective, a society that advocates and emphasizes selfless devotion can make its citizens live happy lives. 4.社会公德与传统美德就如同落在我们肩上的阳光,带给我们微笑和力量,不论周围的世界变得多么黑暗,它们都能给我们支持。 Social morality and traditional virtues, like the sunshine on our shoulders, make us smile and stronger, so that they can give us support no matter how dark the world around us becomes. 5.此外,我们应该培养年轻人的意识,尊敬老人一直是中国文化的传统美德。 In addition, we should cultivate the awareness of the young that respecting the old has always been the traditional virtue of Chinese culture. 6.众所周知,赡养父母不仅是一种应该发扬光大的传统美德,而且也是法律规定的义务。 It’s all known that taking care of our own parents is not only a Chinese traditional virtue, which should be cherished and promoted, but also a duty laid down in the constitution. 7.无论成功的决心多么坚定,成功的要求多么强烈,一个人永远不能丧失他/她的道德和社会觉悟。 However great the will to achieve, and however great the demand to succeed, one should never abandon his/her moral and social consciousness. 8、事实上,生活在许多其他文化世界中的人们也把遵守社会公德视为人类最崇高的行为。 As a matter of fact, people of many different cultures also regard honoring public morality as the most sublime human act.

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