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We’re all victims of occasional bouts of self- doubt, even the most successful, charismatic, confident among us have their moments of insecurity. Self-confidence can be a very delicate and complex thing. A few are born with it; others learn it early on and the rest of us have to learn to build it on our own. 我们每个人都有自我怀疑的时候,即使最成功最能力超群最自信的人有时也会迷茫。自信是一种微妙复杂的东西。有些人天生就很自信;还有一些人很早就学会了自 信,而我们,也要学会建立我们自己的自信心。

Our confidence plays an important role in ability to achieve success and happiness. It affects our mental thought patterns, the way we speak, the way we act, and the decisions we make in all areas of our lives – career, money, relationships, and even our health. Confident people take more action, perform better, and are more likely to attain their goals. In addition, confident people alsoknow how to take more enjoyment from their accomplishments are happier in general. 在通向成功和幸福的道路上,自信发挥着重要作用。它影响着我们的思维模式、说话方式、行为方式以及生活的各方面的决定——事业、金钱、人际关系,甚至我们 的健康。自信的人行动更为果敢,办事效率更高,更有可能实现他们的目标。此外,自信的人也明白如何从自己的成就中得到更多的快乐,生活也更加幸福。

Lucky for us, confidence can be built and strengthened until it becomes natural, just as any other habit. It simply takes a little time, some effort, and a bit of attention. 幸运的是,我们也可以建立并逐步加强我们的自信,直到它变得就像其他习惯一样。建立自信心只需要一点点时间,一点点努力以及一点点专注。

1.Fail More Often 更多的失败 The more challenges you take on, the more failures you’ll have, but learning that you can recover, get up and push forward builds confidence. 挑战越多,失败就越多,但是你要知道,你很快就能从中走出来,并成为你建立自信心的助推器。

2.Track your accomplishments 记录你的成就 Keep a list of successes, big and small. It’ll help you to see your abilities in a more positive (and realistic) light. 记录下你的每一次成功,无论大小。它会让你用一种更积极(也更为现实)的眼光来看待自己的能力。

3.Don’t compare 不要和别人比较 Stop measuring yourself against others. What you see isn’t always real. Making comparisons is a damaging and an inaccurate measure of success anyway. 不要再拿自己和别人比较了。你看到的并不总是真相。无论如何,与别人比较都是对成功的一种破坏性和错误性的衡量。

4.Dress for confidence 人靠衣装马靠鞍 How we dress affects both how we feel about ourselves and the way others perceive us. Expensive clothes aren’t necessary. Put emphasis on good fit, good condition, and appropriateness. Don’t be afraid of some color; black is professional, but color gets noticed. 我们的穿着不仅影响着我们自己的心情,也会影响别人对我们的看法。这并不是说必须得穿昂贵的衣服。重点是衣服要搭配好,质地要精良,适合我们的气质。不要 害怕某些颜色;黑色是会让我们看起来更职业一些,但鲜艳的颜色会吸引更多的目光。

5.Work on your posture 良好的姿态 People with lower confidence often tend to have poor posture. Stand up, sit up, and keep yourhead up. It’s an instant confidence booster. 不自信的人往往姿势也不好。站有站相,坐有坐相,时刻保持昂首挺胸的姿态。这会让你的自信心瞬间膨胀。

6.Learn 学习 The more knowledge you acquire, the more confident you will be. Knowledge is power, and themore powerful you feel, the higher your confidence will be. 学的越多,人就越自信。知识就是力量,知识越丰富,人就越自信。

7.Fitness 健身 Better physical condition and appearance gives you more body confidence, and as a bonus, theextra endorphins give you an added energy boost. 良好的身体状况和外表会让你更加自信,同时,健身所产生的内啡肽会带给你更多的能量。

8.Start a conversation 主动和别人攀谈 When you find yourself in a social situation, instead of gravitating to those people you’re comfortable with, start a conversation with someone you don’t know very well. Eventually getting to know new people will become easier. 社交场合中,不要总是和那些让你感觉舒服的人在一起,要主动和一些不是很熟悉的人交往。这样,你会更容易结识新的朋友。

9.Have miniature goals 小目标和大成功 Bite sized goals are easier and quicker to achieve and the momentum can give you a boost when attacking bigger goals. 小目标实现起来更容易也更快,并能给你实现大目标的动力。

10.Raise your hand 毛遂自荐 Volunteer to take on tasks or projects that are a stretch for you. You’ll learn you can do more than you thought you could and so will others. 主动承担那些能拓展你的能力的项目或工程。你会发现你比想象的更加能干,这是一条放之四海而皆准的真理。

11.Be around confident people 和自信的人在一起 Cultivate relationships with “can- do” people; attitude is contagious. On the other hand, avoid “can’t do” people. It works both ways. 多与自信的人交往;态度是具有感染力的。另一方面,也要尽量避开不自信的消极人士,两种方式都会起作用。

12.Be your own friend 做自己的朋友 When you hear that voice in your head, abusing, attacking and belittling you, remind yourself that a friend wouldn’t talk to you in that manner. 当你听到内心有声音在诽谤你、攻击你、贬低你,告诉自己真正的朋友是不会这样对你的。

13.Rely on your instincts 相信自己的直觉 When you trust your intuition, and listen to those gut feelings, you’ll become more confident in the knowledge that you do know what’s right for you. 相信并跟随你的直觉,你会更加自信,知道什么最适合自己。

14.Keep practicing 不断实践 Practice the skills you need to succeed. The more you practice, the more confident you become. This is true of every type of skill. 在那些能帮助你实现成功的技能上多加练习。实践的越多就越自信。这对于每一种技能来说都是如此。 Confidence helps you to be more secure in your abilities and more positive in your attitude. It also encourages you to be more assertive to take on more challenges, and to improve your skills. As an added benefit, you’ll attract like- minded people. The end result is a better outlook, more success, and a higher quality of life in all areas. 一个人自信了,就会对自己的能力更加肯定,态度更加积极;也更有劲头接受更多的挑战,并提高自己的技能。此外,自信还会吸引志同道合的人。最终你会拥有更 好的未来,更多的成功,更高质量的生活。

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